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First Level Reiki Attunement A Skeptical Perspective

by Karen Langley
(Anaheim, California)

My friend had done a first level reiki attunement and enthusiastically urged me to do likewise. I was really hoping it worked so I could help heal my autistic son but when I met the reiki practitioner a wave of scepticism rushed over me; he seemed to be a phoney.

He started by saying to one woman in the group: "I can see a woman close to you who looks like... and seems to be saying...".

Interestingly the woman he said this too denied any knowledge of the person he described. It was a "psychic blow-out".

After that he quickly started the reiki and for the next few hours while we were "attuned" I was really skeptical and becoming more disappointed as time went by.I was also upset that I had spent 100 dollars on this rubbish.

Eventually we got close to finishing.The practitioner did a guided meditation and I ended up picturing poor little Tim (my autistic son) in a cold concrete building in a dim and remote land. I felt hopeless because I 'knew' the reiki master was a fraud and I started to cry.

The next thing that happened was really interesting.I felt the reiki master and his assistant very near me. They were moving their hands over my head. I suddenly, really suddenly, felt blissfully calm. It was amazing and instantaneous as if I'd been given a powerful drug.

I finished the day with thoughts that maybe reiki was real. I never managed to heal Tim but thought perhaps the reiki master was genuine.I bumped into him and his wife one day about two months later. She was cheerful but the reiki master looked sheepish and didn't say much. I think he is a fraud in many ways but maybe it's possible to be good at reiki and be unscrupulous at the same time.

In conclusion, I still have serious doubts but I still can't explain what happened to make my sad feelings vanish so completely. So I still give reiki the benefit of my doubt: It just might work.

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