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Feng Shui Decorating Tips for a Serene Space

You know that feeling you get when you walk into a room and a wave of peace rolls over you? Some people would call that good feng shui, others would say chi flow, yet others might just say the room "feels good".

We're going to tell you how to get that "peaceful feeling" in your healing space, whether it's for your home or as a holistic office space to meet with your clients.


healing room Less is More: Sometimes less really is more. A simple uncluttered healing space can create a tranquil oasis.

Instead of cramming your healing space full of pretty new age fluffy objects de' art, consider choosing just a few beautiful items that really stand out.

The important concept to remember here is scale, if you have two framed prints in the room, make sure they are large enough to balance the proportions of the space.


sacred spaces Bring in crystals: Crystals provide more than pretty decorations to look at. They are healing stones that can lift the energies of yourself and your clients.

Consider a purchase of an amethyst cathedral for a powerful connection to the higher realms. If a large cathedral isn't in your budget, gather twenty to thirty smaller tumbled stones and group them together in a bowl.

Another way to bring in crystal energy is with a mandala. Create a mandala pattern out of a few of your favorite stones and place it on a table in your therapy office.


Soothing scents: There is a lot of power in aromatherapy. Consider burning incense at the end of the day after meeting with your last client. Not only will it purify your room for the next day, but it will leave the subtlest hint of scent for your next day's clients.

An alternative to incense are essential oils. Set out an aromatherapy burner with soothing lavender or sandalwood essential oil. For an uplifting scent choose lime or bergamot.


Wallspace: White walls are fine, but if you want to get creative wall color is a great way to set the ambiance for your entire room. Colors often associated with spirituality and serenity are blues and purples. Other great choices are sage green, pastels, or calm beige.

If you're creating a sacred space for business purposes it's a good idea to hang any certificates or credentials that you have. Opt out on the cheap $5.00 certificate frames, and pick up a special one instead. It will show your clients that you take your schooling seriously.

Choose one or two special framed prints, wall decals or cloth wall hangings to decorate the walls. There are beautiful one's available at many new age stores and online. If you're stuck on which spiritual art to choose, here are a few of our favorites. Notice David Delamere's mermaid art which has become quite popular recently.


Candles: Candles can set up an instant ambiance for just a few dollars. Give your healing office a meditative energy with a grouping of three pillar candles clustered in a shallow plate. Surround the candles with a handful of crystals at their base.


Instant healing room on a budget:

On a budget? We've got you covered. Here's a quick guide for setting up a tranquil oasis for just a little cash outlay.

Massage Table: This will be your biggest expense, but comes in very handy for most healing arts. Check your classifieds, and local health food store bulletin boards. You can typically find one used for under $200. There are also great deals on Amazon. We haven't found lower prices anywhere else.

Purchase a tapestry to cover it and you'll have a gourmet treatment table. Beautiful tapestries can be found for $20 to $40, and they look much more attractive than sheets. That $20 will pay for itself over and over, because your treatment table will become the focal point of the whole room!

Wall art: if you're on a really tight budget get one or two tapestries for your walls, total cost under $40. If you have a little more to spend, get one or two framed spiritual art prints. They will be the highlight of your room.

Furniture: A single bookcase or buffet table can provide a cozy feel and a place to highlight a few crystals or any supplies you need for your healing work. Consider a decorative piece of furniture such as a room divider as well.

Window treatments: If you have a window in the room, consider draperies instead of blinds. Blinds have a clinical feel to them, while cloth curtains soften the lines of a room. For an inexpensive and easy option, make your from fabric. Total cost under $20.

Spice it up with a few candles, some crystals and your done! Instant healing room for very little money. Below are a few more ideas for items to include in a healing room. If you'd like to read more about the specifics of setting up a healing room for meeting with clients check out our page choosing the right healing space that discusses the pros and cons of renting space, sharing space, or working from a space in your home...


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