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Welcome to the Energy Healing Techniques section of the Energy Healing Info website. We created this page as a quick and easy reference source of all the free energy healing techniques available on this website.

All of these energy healing techniques are available in the main categories of this site. For example, when you go to the Reiki main category, links to each of the Reiki techniques are available on that page, or if you go to the Crystal Healing main category, links to each of the Crystal Healing techniques are available on that page. However, we wanted it to be very easy for our visitors to locate all of the techniques at a quick glance.

That's what this page is for. So scroll down and preview a description and link to each technique, then simply click on the one you're interested in. When you're done with that technique return here by hitting the back button on your browser, so you can easily view all of the other techniques on this site. So take your time and enjoy...

energy healing techniques

Opening the Hand Chakras: This is a beginning level technique for those new to energy healing concepts. It will teach you the first step to doing energy healing: How to open the chakra centers in the palms of your hands so that you can begin doing energy healing on yourself and others.

Self Healing Energy: This technique is for those emergency moments when you find yourself out of balance and feeling ungrounded, confused, angry, depressed, or upset. It's designed to be done anywhere, anytime. Simply follow the instruction for a quickie reconnection to the earth and the divine.You'll be amazed at how much better you feel after this one. Use it whenever you need it, even at work.

Cutting Energy Cords: The cutting energy cords technique will teach you a simple way to clear out old connections to toxic people, memories, and relationships. If you feel "drained" by a certain person or situation in your life, it could mean that there are energy cords present between you and the person/situation that is draining you. Put some distance between yourself and the person/situation! Learn how to reclaim your personal energy and stop those draining forces in your life.

Chakra Colors Meditation: The chakra colors meditation is a technique designed to clear and balance the seven energy centers in your body. It is a soothing guided meditation that will feel you feeling refreshed and balanced.

Releasing Grudges Energy Healing Technique: This technique will help you release anger, resentment, and grudges you are holding towards other people. A powerful yet very simple technique.

crystal energy healing techniques

Cleaning Crystals Techniques: This is a compendium of energy healing techniques focused on crystal cleansing including traditional cleansing methods, smudging, earth cleansing, ocean cleansing, crystal bowl cleansing, and reiki cleansing. Learn how to purify your stones like a pro and never face discolored, dense-feeling crystals again.

Make Your Own Reiki Healing Crystals: Learn to make powerful mini-healers out of your crystal allies. We've been doing this for years and find it an excellent way to supercharge stones to healing energies. This is an advanced technique most beneficial for Reiki Masters, but if you're not a Reiki Master, feel free to modify the technique and use it anyways.

Crystal Programming Technique: Learn how to program crystals for any specific intention. A few possiblities are programming crystals for healing, protection, prosperity, to draw love, to enhance love and relationships, and for relief from anxiety or depression. It sounds complicated, but it's not! This is a beginner's technique, so dive in and get your feet wet.

Crystal Techniques for Dreamwork: Learn how to do lucid dreaming and astral travel. Protect yourself from nightmares and night terrors. Reduce insomnia and get a good night's sleep. All of these subjects are covered in the crystal dreaming technique's section.

Crystal Healing for Anxiety: This section is an in-depth review of the best crystal for healing anxiety:Rose Quartz. Rose quartz has the ability to provide relief to anxiety sufferers. So if you have bouts with anxiety, check this section out and learn how to use rose quartz and other holisitic therapies to eliminate the hold anxiety has over you.

reiki healing techniques

Reiki Healing Methods: If you are new to Reiki this should be your first stop. The Reiki Healing Methods will outline step-by-step methods for getting started with Reiki. It covers how to channel Reiki and a list of hand positions.

Reiki Distance Healing Technique: Have you been trying to master distance Reiki healing, but run into stumbling blocks? Try this simple method and see your results grow.

Reiki Healing Crystals:Attune your crystals to Reiki energy and create mini Reiki Masters out of them.

Abundance Prosperity Reiki Technique:Manifest prosperity, wealth and abundance in your life using this simple technique that combines sound healing, Reiki and crystal allies.

Reiki Protection: The Reiki Protection Technique is designed to create a sacred sanctuary in your home to keep out low, negative energies and invite white light energy.

sound healing techniques

Self Esteem Affirmations: Read our Top Ten Affirmations for Self Esteem, read simple tips for getting the most out of affirmations, or check out the full list of affirmations for redefining yourself.

Daily Weight Loss Affirmations: Daily Weight Loss Affirmations to help you achieve a balanced, healthy weight. There's a quick top ten list, plus a whole bunch more.

Wealth Affirmations: The Wealth Affirmations page is full of abundance and prosperity affirmations for bringing more money to you. It's divided into a quick Top Ten List, a bazoodle more affirmations and easy ideas for super-charging a prosperous new life.

Mantras for Sound Healing: The Mantras for sound healing section covers many of the mantras available with step by step instructions for how to do them.

Bija Mantras: The Bija Mantras, also known as seed mantras, are seven mantra chants that each correlate with the seven chakras. Chanting them will help to balance your complete chakra system.

Ganesh Mantra: The Ganesh Mantra is another Hindu Mantra that is very popular for attracting prosperity and for promoting financial success for new businesses.

The energy healing techniques page is growing. We add new techniques to the site every week so make sure to bookmark this page and visit it often.

Do you have energy healing techniques you'd like to share? We'd love to post them here so others can use them. Simply send them to us at our contact page. If you'd like your name listed as the author of the technique, write it in the contact form, and we'll make sure to list it.


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