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Energy Healing Story Transcendental Meditation and my Connection to Nature

by Mark Hill

Meditation is a great way to relax. Life is so busy anymore with many of us being on a tight schedule, we feel like we don't have time to rest. Meditation is important to help us slow down and relax. It doesn't matter what you use it for, it's a way to focus on “you” for 15-20 minutes a day.

I gravitate more toward the transcendental meditation. This allows me to open my senses and let my feelings and energies flow freely. It helps me to focus on hearing messages from my guides. It re-centers me in a way. Meditation allows my energies to recharge so I can continue my day.

A lot of times I meditate when there is something pressing in my life. Meditation helps me to know that what I am getting is almost definitely help from my guides rather than my wants getting in the way. Transcendental Meditation allows me to see things more as they are than as I want them to be. I allow myself to sink into a state of relaxation and actually float in a void.

I start by relaxing each toe, moving to my feet, up my legs, continuing to the top of my head. I control my breathing, keeping it slow and rhythmic. Once I have relaxed every part of myself, I begin to ask questions. I use to laugh at how I get messages while meditating, but now I have just gotten used to it. When I ask the questions that are important at this particular time, I ask Yes or No questions. If I don't, I tend to over think things, even during my meditation.

When the answers come to me, they come to me in a bright pink, florescent sign; like those in bars. They always come from far away and float closer to me, or perhaps I am getting closer to it. If I am dwelling on a particular question too much, my guides get a bit frustrated with me. I know this is happening when the answers are huge and don't come from so far away. I have frustrated my guides on a few occasions.

I have met many guides and spirit animals while meditating. Recently I have been using meditation to help me with my schooling. It's been a long road and I am still learning, but I believe I am getting closer.

My favorite part of transcendental meditation is to feel what animals feel. I have been able to fly with the birds, run with the horses feeling the wind in my face, and swim with the fish. Take some time to meditate each day and you will feel connected with the Earth Mother Energy Healer and everything around you.

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