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Energy Healing Story The Magical Saint Ma Anand Mai

by Akshita

The day I got married I went to an ashram with my husband and in-laws to visit Ma Anand Mai.I had not heard of her,nor was my mind on the saints that evening, but I felt like I had to go, because my in-laws were so excited about it.

Today I feel so blessed for having had that experience, even though at the time I didn't give it any credence. My new husband's family was very spiritual and after that first visit, there were many more.

For those of you not familiar with her, Ma Anand Mai is a much revered saint. She did not make any promises but just told you to keep faith. Sitting in her presence was enough for anyone to feel connected to the divine.

Once we all went for her birthday celebrations.There was a celebration of one full week and each night after a light dinner we could sit on the open terrrace and meditate with Ma also sitting there on a small takhat.

Those few hours of deep meditation were a great experience for me. Ma would at times tell us to ask questions and one question which I asked her was about the fulfilment of our desires. She replied very matter of factly that if the desire is genuine it is bound to be fulfilled.

Later in my life I saw many incidents of this truth manifested, something that I had prayed for intensly coming true. But then I noticed that just like in the famous story of the monkey's paw, it wasn't always positive. If what I wished for wasn't destined to be, and I got it from my intense desire bringing it into being, there was always a tinge of disatisfaction when it finally came into my life.

After time passed, I learned that Ma Anand Mai was right. She knew it well. Her wisdom was to live peacefully in the circumstances that were created for you by the cosmic forces.

I hope that by sharing this story you will be better able to live happily and contentedly while still manifesting what you want.

Do not feel it is wrong to ask. After all, you need to express your desire and only then can it be fulfilled.So long as you are part of this world, your duties need you to ask for things for the happiness of those who love you and depend on you. So go ahead and ask and be fulfilled.

One More Thing: The day after meeting her for the first time, Ma Anandmai called me and gave me a personal mantra. At that time I was unable to grasp it's significance, but now I know why she went out of her way to contact me and share it with me.

The mantra she shared with me proved to be magical for me. Throughout the last 40 years of my life I have had to handle problems, but in the end everything has settled so smoothly. I have Ma's blessing hand on my head and I shall forever recommend to everyone:

Go to a place of worship (any place, any religion), have faith and receive what you ask for.

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Aug 21, 2011
by: aparnaa malhotra

JAI MA .. really the grace of MA is infinite , thanku for sharing this ..JAI JAI MA JAI MA JAI MA

Nov 29, 2010
A Powerful Story
by: Donna

Your experience and story is so full of wisdom and inspiration. Thank you for sharing it with us and I have been searching for such a long time. Now, I feel I have some of the answers, not all but I will get there. Thanks again. God Bless.

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