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Energy Healing Story The Chanting of Tibetan Monks

by Carrie

I recently had the opportunity to assist a tour of Tibetan Buddhist Monks visiting the US. I drove them to appointments and helped feed them, bring meals to them every day. They were truly amazing and I found myself becoming enchanted by their kindness.

They did some chanting and I want to tell you how amazing that was! The sound was like nothing else I've ever heard, it was like the inside of the earth resonating. During their visit, The Monks did energy healings, blessings, a mandala, and a variety of other things. One of the things they did while they were here was perform a show of healing mantra chants and cultural dances. They had some long horns as well, that they demonstrated the sounds from. They would chant along with the horns, in deep low tones.

The first time I heard it a shiver ran up my spine and I felt like my body was turning into a feather, I felt so light! It was like my insides were vibrating way down into the earth. So I was floating but grounded at the same time. When they left, one of the Monks gave me a CD of healing chants. He told me, in his rather elementary English, this was very important, special chants to heal the body, to heal the mind. He told me to listen when upset or feeling bad. Listen when body aches or heart aches.

I have listened to this CD almost every day for a month now and I have never felt so calm, relaxed or at peace, like I've been meditating for hours. I feel my mind just unfolding, opening and letting all the worry go when I listen to this CD. The chants sound very much like the ones they did here.

There is also the sound of the horns and some chimes or bells. It really is amazing, no matter how stressed I feel, I just put that CD on and minutes later I'm totally relaxed. If I'm ever sick, I'm sure listening to that CD along with some of the great energy healing techniques I've learned here will help me get well.

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Jun 13, 2011
by: Vlad

Thank you for sharing your experience.

Here is some music which involves sounds from chimes, horns, bells, etc. I love it and I think you going to do the same: Phil Thornton - Tibetan meditation (2003).

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