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Energy Healing Story School Teacher Shares Reiki

by Mary

My first introduction to Reiki and its healing energy was way past in 1994. It was a strange experience, and still deports me to the back stage of auditorium. Those days I was working as a school librarian in a primary school.

It was our school annual function. We were celebrating it on a large scale. Every body was assigned duties. My duty was to help tiny tots with their dresses and handle their tantrums. I was assigned this job since I, as a librarian knew each and every child of every class. And I was popular with kids because of story telling sessions I held in the library. Every thing was going on smoothly .

I was alone in the dressing room. It was the last performance by children. Every thing was tied up, so I was relaxing in a chair. But suddenly I felt a strange feeling in my chest. I tried to ignore it. Putting the blame on anything I must have eaten. And tried to relax. It was of no help. And I found myself gasping for air. My breathing became heavy and pain full. I rushed out in panic to get some fresh air. I looked for some help, there was no body around.

Every one was busy listening to Chief Guest’s speech. I sat on the sill of a window and was breathing heavily, when a teacher passed me. She stopped and looked at me intently and asked if I was alright. I just nodded my head. She said, "close your eyes and extend your hands in front of you." I did just that.

And Oh God! What I felt was incredible. I felt a sensation in my finger tips, which moved up my arm. And soon my whole body was engulfed with that sensation. It was like an electric current passing through my body. And amazingly my breathing became normal. Strange Feeling in my chest disappeared. I was back to normal. Ready to handle my little wards.

It was a miracle. Only then she told me that it was Reiki she performed on me. She told me afterwards about Reiki and it's healing energy. I didn’t need any proof. I had first hand experience of healing energy of Reiki. The electric current I experienced was the healing energy of Reiki.

She told me that its a norm to have permission/consent of the ‘subject’ before we perform Reiki on him or her, but in my case she felt the need to take immediate action. In her own words, “I felt that you need immediate help, so I performed it on you without your consent. But I am glad that you were receptive". And I am glad that it happened to me and I was introduced to the power of healing energy of Reiki.

It really works. I have seen it's magic casting it's spell so often that there is no doubt left in my mind , that it’s a reality and not a chance healing. Today I try to help others to heal through Reiki to best of my ability.

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