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Energy Healing Story Rose Quartz Calmed my Dog

by Kelly Renaldo
(New Jersey)

I was once skeptical about the validity of healing with crystals, especially the notion of crystal healing for pets! But as a former naysayer of the art, I have to say that I believe now. I still don’t know much about it, and my curiosity is piqued about crystal and gem healing. It took a barking dog, and a friendly stranger, who was at the right place and time, for me to change my thinking.

I was walking my dog Kingsley when, as it always happens, he began barking incessantly at people and other dogs, punctuating the barking with yelps. It’s as if he had anxiety about other creatures. This type of thing made taking Kingsley for walks something of a painful experience. So Kingsley was doing his usual, as I tied him to a tree so I could step into the store and buy a soda.

Suddenly, as I was paying at the counter I noticed he was quiet for longer than just a few seconds. I knew the area was busy, so he still had someone to bark at, but he was quiet. He remained quiet as I stepped out of the store and saw this middle aged woman with long blonde hair and a sun dress petting Kingsley and talking to him. I’ve never seen it happen, but I was always convinced if anyone ever came near him, he’d bite.

“He just needed a little soothing…” she said in a confident, knowing tone of voice, “and the right kind of energy.” I didn’t get a chance to respond to her oddball diagnosis before she gave me a set of rose-colored quartz crystals as “a gift from one dog lover to the other.”

She also passed me her card, identifying her as a crystal healing practitioner. I’ll be sure to contact her soon to get some more questions answered. And, of course to thank her for my dog, who has been nothing but calm and playful since our chance meeting.

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