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Energy Healing Story Reiki for Depression

by Lashonda

Reiki Healing Energy is to be experienced rather than explained. Today I am a staunch believer in Reiki's healing power. But I was not always like this. The one experience I have had was strong enough to make anyone a believer, although I still questioned it's healing powers. I put my first reiki healing experience to a chance happening.

But then I had another experience. I could not justify this as another chance happening. One of my close friends practices Reiki. We talked about Reiki and its healing powers often, but it would end at that. I was going through a bad phase in my life. Worries and tensions were taking a toll on my health. I used to be in and out of the hospital too often. My friend knew all about my problems. But she never offered her help. I never asked for her reiki help either.

But she was always there for me as a friend. One day I was feeling particularly depressed. I was experiencing psychosomatic symptoms. I was aware of this, but was unable to get a hold of myself. I tried deep breathing exercises, meditation, chanting, what ever I could think of, but nothing seemed to help.

And then I started crying. At that precise moment my friend called me. First thing she asked me was,"Are you alright?" I could not reply. I choked on my words.

She waited for me to say something, but I just kept crying. Finally she said "You're not yourself right now. Listen to me, and do what I say."

I managed to say yes. She asked me to switch off the lights, lie down comfortably, close my eyes and try to connect to her mentally. She said, "I'm going to send you distance healing Reiki, so it's important that you connect with me mentally."

I did as I was told. Soon I felt a strange sensation in my head,as if someone or something wass looking deep in the recesses of my mind. It moved down my body. Gradually I felt lighter. I found myself relaxing. And then my panic attack subsided, along with my depression. I felt no more pain in my body, no sensation of nausea, no more heart palpitations, no heaviness in my mind.

I felt my friends presence there all along. Later on when we were talking, I told her about my experience. I told her about the sensation I felt in my head and my gradual relaxation. "What did you do?" I asked her.

Then she said, "When I called you on the phone that day ,I could tell that your worries had over powered you. In fact the reason I called you was because I was suddenly restless on your account. I was drawn to the phone by some invisible force. Your silence on the other end prompted me to take matter in my hands."

I told her how much better I felt, and how glad I was that she had shared her reiki energy healing with me.Then I told her about how I felt her presence near me all along during the distance reiki healing.

After that experience, I'm a true believer in the power of Reiki healing. Whenever I feel depressed or panicked I do a self healing reiki treatment on myself. I've turned from a sceptic to a believer.

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Jan 12, 2011
More here
by: Anonymous

Another spot with some good info here.

Jul 18, 2008
Reiki and Depression
by: Energy Therapy Healing

There are so many energy healing modalities- different ways to tap the same power. However, one must be receptive to the healing approach. As you open up to receive Reiki it will become more and more effective in your life. Energy healing is highly effective in depression, keep spreading the good news.

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