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Energy Healing Story Reiki and Crystal Healers

by Terry Pritchard

I had never been a believer in crystals and crystal healing until a couple of years ago when a dear friend became a Reiki healer and a Master of Crystology. It wasn’t that I had any particular prejudices against it and I have a fairly open mind but I had not been exposed to it prior to this time.

After my friend had reached her high level of Reiki training and become a Master of Crsytology, I found that I had been having some knee pain and went to my friend. She did a Reiki session with me and used many crystals. I could feel relief that night and it has been much better since. I brought a friend to see her a few weeks later for treatment of her fibromyalgia. This session was not as overwhelming a success as my own experience had been but I have long noted that my friend with fibromyalgia does tend to cling to her illness and seems to embrace it.

I believe that she resisted the healing properties that were offered to her. And yet, from the very slight weight of the crystals on her chest and stomach, she did have noticeable bruising the next day. I believe the crystals did their job but that my friend rejected it. I attended a local gem and mineral show with my friend a few months ago and it was very much an eye-opening experience. What I thought were simple rocks turned out to have many obvious properties.

I could tell when I handled various crystals what their properties were. With one, I felt calm, with another, I felt energized. At one point, looking at various crystals at one of the displays, I picked up a crystal (it was a brown stone that I don't know the name of) and immediately FELT a vibration. Many tensions seemed to leave my body at that time. It was quite impressive.

I spent about $6.00 on that stone and I carry it with me much of the time. I don't feel vibrations from it now but it does have a very calming, soothing effect. I am not skilled enough on the crystals to name what the various kinds are. I know some are pretty and some aren’t – but I also know that some people are very knowledgable and skilled with them. I do not have any desire to learn this art myself – I am content to be a patient and not a healer.

I can attest that Reiki works -- my friend has even been able to "send" Reiki to me via phone sessions -- I wouldn't have believed it possible but it has helped time and time again. Most noteworthy was the session where I sat on my wooden deck in shorts, a t-shirt and Crocs and after the session was over via phone (a session to help with a severe headache).

I felt a strong electric shock when I stood up and touched the door. The door handle was wood, I was standing on wood and I was wearing rubber shoes. How would I get a shock? I believe it was a remnant from the Reiki.

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