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Energy Healing Story: Overcoming Insomnia and Depression I Have Had for Years

by Sophia

I am almost 30 years old now and I have been suffering from periods of insomnia and depression from my high school years. During these periods I have tried almost every traditional and alternative method I could find: psycho therapy, medication, homeopathy, reiki healing…They all helped for a while, but in several months my symptoms would come back. However, I was trying to live my life as if I didn’t have these problems, because I blamed myself for being too weak.

The situation became almost intolerable just as I finished graduate school. I had to go through a cancer related operation - everything went well, luckily – but the stress was obviously too much and my insomnia reached a peak. I was able to get only a couple of hours of sleep during the night and I would get extremely exhausted during the day. That would totally affect my work and social life! I tried to be active and perform well at work during the day by drinking a lot of coffee and energy drinks. But, as you can imagine, that made the whole situation worse.

During that period I tried different types of alternative and traditional medicine, but this time nothing would work! Eventually I had to quit my job, because I was too tired to go on like this.

Of course, that situation affected my depression related symptoms in a critical way. After the operation I mentioned above I gained a lot of weight and was also very concerned about the surgery scars I had. So, I was without a job, living with my parents again, tired, sick and hopeless – there was nothing left from the ambitious person I was in college.

One day my parents told me they had seen a TV interview with chi gong master who was also practicing traditional Chinese and Tibetan medicine and suggested I should visit him. I made an appointment, feeling all reluctant and suspicious, having all these unsuccessful experience. I found out that he was really down to earth and easy to talk to. He performed a session on me, releasing (as he said) tension from my solar plexus. When I left his office I suddenly felt really energetic and somewhat happy!

A week after that I contacted him again and he said he could also perform remote energy healing and did a session again, while I was in my home. From that moment on I started sleeping better and as time passed I quit all insomnia related medicines I was taking! I couldn’t believe that was possible, I thought I would have to be on medication all my life.

Gradually my depression symptoms faded away – before that I was feeling really hopeless, guilty for no particular reason and I cried a lot. But all that was gone. It was like returning to life again!

The healer also gave me some advice about how to analyze and understand better my feelings and thoughts and how they could affect a person’s health, which was really useful in dealing with my problems. The healer uses the name Long Beard Healer and you could find him on his website and facebook page, where he also gives advice about health and chi gong practices.

I wanted to share this story with you, because I had these problems for about ten years and at some point I honestly thought that I would never overcome them. I hope this story would inspire people to search for solutions and believe in positive outcomes, no matter how naïve that may sound.

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