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Energy Healing Story My Mothers Healing with the Reconnection Technique

by Anonymous

I have been a caregiver for family and friends for 40 years, and now I work for caregiver agencies. I just took care of my uncle for 6 weeks, 24 hours a day. He passed away last week. I have studied and used various energy healing methods for 10 years.

About 5 years ago while I was taking care of a good friend at the end of her life, I found out about the energy healing method called The Reconnection. It was developed by Dr Eric Pearl. I read his book and tried some of the exercises that he discussed. I felt energy in my hands while doing them.

I found that one of his students lived near me. So I went to her for the beginning session. I definitely felt a strong energy during the session. She later told me that her lights and switches stopped working after I left. This is a common experience with energy healers. I later discovered that Dr Pearl had scheduled a weekend seminar later in the year in Chicago to teach The Reconnection. I registered for it.

When my friend passed away, I decided that I could now go home and take care of my mom. Soon after I arrived, my mom had a stroke and could not say her name. I called 911. The emergency people examined her and suggested that she go to the emergency room. I agreed. She was taken to the emergency room and then was admitted to the hospital. She could not get out of bed, and couldn't say her name.

This was the same weekend that I was scheduled for The Reconnection seminar. My brother said that he would stay with my mom. So I went to the seminar with the hope that I could help my mom when I returned. I only stayed at the seminar for one of the 3 days because of my mom's condition. Dr Pearl is an amazing healer and teacher. During the seminar he taught us methods that he uses and did demonstrations with some of the students. Then we were divided into 2 groups. One group practiced the methods on the other group, and then we switched roles.

Dr Pearl walked around all of us the whole time, giving advice. At first, I was in the group doing the practicing. My partner showed signs of the energy having an effect on her body. When it was my turn to be on the massage table, I told my partner not to expect anything because I never react to anything like that.

I was dumbfounded when I discovered that I had a bigger bodily reaction than anyone. After that one day at the seminar, I came back to be with my mom. She still could not get out of bed or say her name. Just before visiting hours were over, I used the methods I had learned at the seminar.

The next morning when I arrived, the nurse said that my mom was walking up and down the halls, and talking non-stop. The medical staff had no explanation for what happened. They said that they had never seen anyone recover from a stroke that serious in that short of a time. The same thing happened 6 months later with another stroke. Like all healers, I know that I did not heal my mom. It was just that she was open to the energy that I helped her to channel.

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