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Energy Healing Story My Dads Power Crystal

by Zhang Wei

Do you believe in crystals healing properties? If not, then try to listen to my experience with an open mind. So many people believe that crystals and stones are just amulets that can protect them from evil and bad luck.

So many people find out that gems and crystals are good for these things and so much more. By wearing a crystal, their courage and their happiness can be stimulated, amongst many other things.

What about me? I've never believed in such a story like that before until I bought my first crystal for my father almost twenty years ago. At that time, my father had very high blood pressure, and he had to quit working all jobs. He had to stay home and get rest. But in fact, he could hardly get rest because of his inner thoughts.

He was confronting so many problems and was in turmoil. So, he tried to do some meditation. You can guess the reason why I bought him this crystal, for his meditation, yes!! Not long after beginning to meditate with his crystal, my father's health improved a lot, not only his blood pressure but his entire health.

He said he found some connections between the crystal power and the power of his soul. He began calling it his power crystal. Moreover, he could see so many things in the crystal while his eyes were closed. He also said that he can travel to the other world beyond a land that normal man can see.

He loved this crystal very much. But when his health got better he decided to donate this crystal to another person, someone who deserved it. Finally, he gave this crystal to a monk whom our family believes in his virtue.

What happened next? He continued his meditation, however, the result had changed. The peace inside his mind dropped. The quality of his health dropped. I didn't know what to do except find him a new crystal but nothing improved. He still had high blood pressure and gained a lot more diseases.

He shouldn't have given away his power crystal. He passed away many years ago. I was the one who bought him this unique crystal and bought myself a crystal too, and then many more. I have to tell you frankly that I’m waiting for a power crystal, for me only, just like my father’s. Everybody has his own unexplainable energy that can be matched with some secret energy within a crystal. I don’t care what people think. But I really believe in it.

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