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Energy Healing Story Meeting My Power Animal and Spirit Guide

by Angela

Let me begin by stating that I am very much into different forms of alternative healing. I have experienced or performed Reiki, Chakra Balancing, Magnified Healing (this is very powerful to release karma), guided meditations to know your Power Animal and/or Spirit Guide, and even just day to day deep breathing meditations.

The guided meditation for my Power Animal and Spirit Guide was profound. My friend Mary, who is a psychic and healer performed this on me. She had me lay down on a very comfortable table and started speaking in a way that I can only describe as hypnosis. What I experienced next was truly amazing. These next words are from my actual guided experience.

"The journey started very slowly. It took some time to really see and experience the atmosphere I was being led into. But then... All of a sudden, I was surrounded with sunshine and endless pastures of green grass. There was a light breeze that caressed my body. I was wearing a very soft, free flowing dress with a floral print on it. My hair was long, wavy and red. I saw nothing but miles of rolling hills, all soft green, endless bright blue sky with a few puffy white clouds slowly moving along with the breeze.

I didn't feel alone. I felt at peace. Then I saw a few birds around me. Friendly birds. Then my eagle friend found me and perched on my right shoulder. Then I saw some chipmunks. All of my new friends stayed with me throughout my whole journey. I started walking towards a small bridge I saw in the distance. I finally came to it and under it was a sparkling, cool stream filled with fish. These fish were my friends as well, so I sat and dangled my feet in the water. Then I decided to join them in the water. Some of them were jumping out of the water in front of my face.

This whole time I am happy and laughing. Next, a dragonfly landed on me as if to say hello. I had seen a white furry rabbit, but he didn't stick around too long. I am not quite sure why. I now leave the stream but, I am completely dry. I walk a little. I see a tree. I felt like climbing it, so I did. I felt light and so at peace. I then decide to go to the middle of the pasture and sit quietly.

I see an elderly Indian man start to walk towards me. I feel I know him for a very long time and I am very comfortable with him. We don't say much to each other, but he is smoking a pipe and he offers it to me. I accept. Then, another male Indian walks towards us. He's much younger. He has long black hair with braids. He is amazingly beautiful. Again, we say nothing but it is understood that we love each other.

The elderly man gets up and walks away to leave us alone. I ask them their names but I recieved no answer - as if it is not important. Now I am alone with my friend with the braids. The gift he gives me is a large beautiful feather. He braids my hair and sticks the feather in it. I roll over onto my stomach, I look to my right, and he is not there. He just vanished and left me alone! I started to panic and cry because I had missed him for so long. I had finally found him after so long, and now he leaves me again!! I start to calm down, because I am being led to my own healing circle of sunflowers.

Nothing or no one is allowed inside this circle but me. There is a bee buzzing around, but he does not enter my circle. All of my animal friends are around the circle watching me. I start to dance, bowing and spinning. I notice the sky is starting to darken with fast moving clouds. The wind is blowing hard and there's thunder and lightening filling the sky. But, I look above me.

There is an opening in the clouds and the elderly spirit is looking down at me - smiling - to let me know he's watching. He'll always be watching. The rain is pouring hard, plastering my hair and my dress to my body. I start to dance with more energy and passion until I fall to my knees. I am exhausted but energized. I look up. My beautiful friend is standing there before me. He came back! No words can describe the joy I feel. We touch and look deeply into each other's eyes. I finally now realize he will always be with me. He will be a part of me no matter who I am, or where I am.

I call him White Feather. I tell him I am strong. I will let him walk off for now. We both know it hurts, but love keeps our bond strong. He watches over me - divinely protects me - and I thank him for being so kind and generous to my heart, mind, body and soul. I will love him for eternity. The sky brightens once again. I start to walk back towards the bridge, with all of my animals in tow. But, which one will cross the bridge with me? I start to cross the bridge. I am halfway across. Alone.

I look back again and all of a sudden, the furry white rabbit is back, and he hops onto the bridge and crosses it with me. We play and I hug him. I let him know I will always remember him and love him for the rest of my life. He and my Indian friends will be with me for the rest of my life. Even throughout the many lives I choose to live. I am forever loved, protected and at peace."

After this guided meditation, I realized my chinese astrology symbol is the Rabbit. Coincidence? Perhaps. But, I believe there is a connection to everything we experience. There is a reason for everything. This changed me forever. It changed my perspective with afterlife and my Spirits who surround me. I know I am never alone. We are all - never alone.

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Jan 23, 2010
Thanks for sharing your experience with the world
by: Liz


Aug 20, 2009
What about Angels?
by: Marsha

I LOVED the description of meeting your spirit guides and animal protectors. I also found Ian's comment to be true about Spirit Guides caring for us and having our best interest at heart ( I don't recall his exact words), but I must ad that I believe that angels, archangels and many,many other Beings of Light are available for us to go to and are ever willing to help us in any way that is of the Light and in the highest good of all concerned.

Since I came out of the dogma of a strict and guilt ridden "cave" I have found so much love and help from the spiritual realm in more ways than I can count. I've also learned that there is nothing too small or unimportant for angels and other Beings of Light some types we've never heard of yet). I now even ask my Guardian Angels (Norman and Angel) to help me find parking places as I am disabled and find walking and carrying packages long distances very difficult and sometimes impossible.) There have also been times of great upheaval in my life where I've asked angels for a MOB (most benevolent outcome) by writing it in note form and have NOT ONCE been anything but greatly uplifted by the outcome. Some of the outcomes were more than I could have even imagined! I found this idea on a website of a man whose name I don't recall, but he touched my heart and I've followed his suggestion many times in what felt like dire circumstances for a human to handle. My nearly 40 year old son is now over 100 days in recovery and has COMPLETELY embraced NA to the point where he is on committees to help with the convention. He's gotten his old job back and is now, not only a wonderful dad to his daughter and "step-son", he's building a loving and trusting relationship with his older daughter and is absolutely greatful for the slightest kindness or word of support (which he used to believe was owed to him.) I prayed for years, but continued to try to control the situation...when I gave it to God and the was fixed and fixed better than I had ever even thought or daydreamed about. My life would be nothing without God, my spirit guides, my Reiki guides, my guardian angels and all of the Beings of Light our Creator has provided for us.

Bless all of you who contribute to this's already in my Favorites!!!!

Jul 06, 2008
Meeting your Spirit Guide
by: Ian Stone

The greatest thing you can do is to meet and talk to your Spirit Guide.

They are your guide and are helping you to work toward your Destiny. The are the only Spiritual Being that has your best interests at heart and their total purpose is to help and guide you to this Destiny.

This is a great experience to be able to communicate and expedience the wisdom of your Spirit Guide.

With Love
Ian Stone

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