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Energy Healing Story Meditation Upon the Ant A New Perspective about Life

As I often do in summer on sunlit mornings, I hiked into the woods near a pond. There I often sit on a rock and mull over the sounds and sights around me. Though it may be called a kind of Native American Meditation, I have always thought it not much different from Zen. On one morning I noted the large tree about twenty five feet from me. It must have had a width wider than my two arms if they stretched around it. And it rose up to a great height above me. I got up off the rock and went to the ancient tree, honoring it's presence upon the earth. I then returned to my rock.

When I sat, an amazing thing happened. I saw a large ant rushing past me on the ground. He took no notice of me. He had no fear of me or of the titanic threat from large crows foraging in the distance. I kept my eye upon him, as he moved along the path, not belabored by the impeding rocks or twigs.

He traversed a giant leaf without a moment of hesitation. He raced to his destination. He entered the bottom of the ancient tree that I had just been honoring moments before. I watched as he walked into an archway in the tree and into a dark crevice to a secret society that I could not be part of.

His speed seemed to sound an alarm. Soon another ant of equal size came from a different angle with the same goal. He too was moving swiftly, not bothered by any object in his path. It struck me that twenty-five feet to these little creatures was a great distance. I calculated that for a man to walk one mile could possibly take him nearly an hour. In parallel to the size of an ant, he was walking a mile. If there was a parallel in speed, his many legs carried him at what would seem to be sixty miles per hour.

How much we rush to complete our tasks, but the little ant, in his haste, outruns us by tenfold. How much more grave is his errand compared to our own? How much shorter is his life compared to our own? How much more dangerous to health is his race than our own?

These were the thoughts that filled my mind as I meditated on the life of an ant that day.

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