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Energy Healing Story Malachite Crystal for my Heart Chakra

by Julie
(Atlanta Georgia)

I've been doing various forms of beadwork for years and lately I've been including gem healing stones in my work. I've used quartz, sodalite, tigers eye and various colors of jasper. I thought it was kind of fun to research the stones and find out their meanings until I worked with malachite.

Malachite is a lovely green banded crystal which I wanted to include in a necklace with some green mopcaps. Mopcaps are a shell. For fun I looked on a website about gemstone healing for malachite. It said that its a protections stone and that it reflects your emotions back at you.

I started out easily enough but as I worked with the malachite it became more difficult. The necklace just seemed to be fighting me. I was using monofilament line and ended up with a small piece in my eye. I broke several mopcaps and generally just had a really bad time putting the necklace together. I just kept fighting it until I was done and then set it aside and to be honest I just didn't like that necklace.

Oh, it was beautiful. Chips of malachite intermingled with shades of green seed beads and the swirling greens and black of the mopcaps, but I just couldn't like that necklace. I set it aside and went to bed. The next morning I looked at it and it seemed fine.

I didn't really feel the frustration that I had felt the day before. That day I was talking to my friend, Jen, who is a pagan and energy healer about my unusual reaction to the necklace and she asked to see some examples of my work. I took several necklaces with several different gemstones. I showed her sodalite, quartz, and jasper and she admired them but she fell in love with that malachite necklace.

I gave it to her as a gift and she said that she would use it in rituals. She immediately put it on and didn't take it off all night. She keep touching it and made sure it was under her shirt so she could feel the energies. Every once in a while she says that her necklace wanted to be worn and that she had put it on.

She told me that the reason I struggled with making the malachite necklace is because it was mirroring back frustration that I felt in my life. It was all related to my heart chakra. She also said that malachite is a heart chakra stone, and that it was helping me release some imbalances I had stored in that chakra center.

I'm glad the malachite necklace went to her, because for her, it seems like a power stone. I've started working with rose quartz more, because it is a gentler stone for balancing my heart chakra.

Since that experience, I've also been reading more about energy healing and crystal healing. Thanks for reading my story! Julie.

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Mar 31, 2010
Same Exprience
by: Tibetian

I had the same experience trying to put a Malachite necklace together. It took me 4-5 times to get it right and was quite frustrating.

But the next morning I felt very good and now I have started wearing it maybe for a very, very long time.

I have Asthma so any comments on using malachite for asthma are appreciated.

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