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Energy Healing Story I've Been Using Mantras for Many Years

Mantras: I am a firm believer in the effectiveness of mantras. I use them for getting back lost items, success in business, for getting well if I am sick, for marital happiness. There are many more.

The most useful and effective one that I have found is the one for finding lost items. This has not just been my experience but also those I have given the mantra to find it useful.

According to Hindu tradition, my personal belief system, mantras are prayers to God (enter your version of a higher spirit) to give the person the thing that he or she desires. It has to be repeated many,many times, becoming a part of your being and your spiritual self, and then the effect is shown.

If one thinks scientifically, it just means that you attune your mind with single minded concentration on that particular subject and it happens. That is what all the self help books talk about. You get what you desire if you stay positive on that front. So I feel the mantras also work on the same principle.

The ultimate thing is that the end should be achieved and I have a strong belief that it happens if tried earnestly. In the olden days or I would say even today there are people who do this on behalf of others so that they can get rid of their problems, but we're in the self-help age now, where people do their own prayers and mantras and energy healing.

Mantras have greatly benefited my life and if you try them out for one reason only, the peace of mind from chanting mantras regularly is out of this world.

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