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Energy Healing Story How I Started My Crystal Healing Journey

by Tanja
(Northwest Arkansas)

My name is Tanja, and I’m one of the two writers here at I wrote this page as a personal story of my journey with crystal healing. And before you ask, of course my submission isn't going to be included in the Mystical Stories Contest. That would be cheating! I wrote this because I love to read about people's personal new age stories, and I wanted to share one of my own.

The first time I ever held a crystal was when I was about eleven years old. I went with a friend to a local flea market for the day. My friend saw a rock mining stand and wanted to give it a try. She had diamonds and riches on her mind (yes, even at eleven people are looking for the big score).

We each got a bag of dirt and a sifting tray. With the hot Florida sun beating down on us we carefully poured some of the “specially imported dirt” into our sifting trays, and began the long process of pouring water over it, sifting, and searching for diamonds and other treasures.

We found small specimens of rocks, a few millimeters in size, but we were looking for the jackpot, something to tell our friends about in school. My friend was doing better than me, she had a healthy assortment of little glittering stones. All I had were a few paltry rocks. They weren’t even really shiny. That’s when it happened. I discovered a big dirt clod in my bag. I poured water over it, and started rubbing at the dirt. Something large and shiny glimmered under the coating of earth. It was purple… and big… and very, very pretty.

I’d hit the motherload! I got it cleaned up and ran over to the “gem expert” who would “appraise our pieces for free”. The service was a bonus for paying so much money for a bag of dirt. The “appraiser” examined my find and pronounced it an Amethyst. With visions of riches in my mind I asked him how much it was worth. He pulled out a jewelers loupe and after much consideration, proclaimed it worthless. Too many fractures, without a clear area for cutting a faceted gemstone out of it.

Hmmm. My hopes were dashed. But still, I had this gorgeous, shimmering rock in my hands, that he’d called an Amethyst. It sounded cool, and it looked cool. I took my precious find home that day, and placed it on top of my dresser, where I could look at it whenever I wanted.

I kept that stone, often picking it up, holding it, playing with it, running my fingers along the craggy edges of it’s surface. It had an internal light that seemed to glow brighter at some times more than others. I washed it under water when it got dusty, and kept it close at hand. It seemed “special” to me.

It wasn’t until a few years later when I was in high school that I met a friend who was into crystals. He told me about chakras and crystal healing energies, and showed me his sacred pouch of a seven chakra set of crystals. One of the crystals in his pouch was a small, tumbled amethyst. It was a baby compared to mine. Mine was huge, magnificent, grand. I had a chakra stone!

I went home that day and looked at my amethyst in a new light. It had healing properties. It was a crown chakra stone. It was for bringing the energies of divine guidance into my life. Wow. From that moment on I was hooked. I researched books for the metaphysical properties of stones. I visited my local new age shops The Mystic Goddess and Crystal Connection and spent hours perusing their tumbled stone bins trying to decide how I would spend the three or four dollars in my pocket. I amassed what seemed to me a “grand collection” of tumbled stones, along with the pinnacle of my collection, the original amethyst I’d received when I was eleven.

Now, twenty-three years after that first rock-mining experience, I’m still crazy about crystals. I’ve learned a lot. I’ve learned that every crystal is “grand”. Size doesn’t matter. Looks don’t matter. It’s the energetic rapport that a person has with a specific crystal that matters.

I’ve learned that crystals are powerful healers, and that their presence in our life can have profound effects. Effects so deep, they can literally transform a person’s life. I’ve worked with crystal healing energies on myself, on the love of my life, on friends, animals, and clients. I’ve learned that something as simple as holding onto a piece of black onyx can help refocus a person who’s feeling scattered and hazy. I’ve learned that amethyst can pull someone out of depression, and make life worth living again. I’ve learned that rose quartz can heal a broken heart. I’ve learned that amber can help a timid person feel strong. I’ve learned that clear quartz can remove negative energy from a home. I’ve learned that sodalite can turn anyone into a confident public speaker.

The most important thing I’ve learned is to treat the “Stone People” with respect and consideration. They are allies who help us on our journeys, lift us up when we’re down, strengthen us when we’re weak, love us when we feel unloved. They do all of this unconditionally, because their only wish is to see the people on earth grow and evolve into the divine spirits of energy we are meant to be.

I still have that first amethyst I ever received, my gift from the universe that set me on this path of crystal healing. Despite the amazing stones that now grace my life, that five inch piece of amethyst is the “Crown of my Collection”.

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Sep 30, 2009
Rock on!
by: Douglys

Right on, Tanja! I carry that piece of Laramar with me most of the time. It was pretty special the way it popped up out of nowhere. I hope you guys are doing well. Let me hear from you soon, okay?

Feb 19, 2009
Just Wow
by: Kimberly

Just Wow...what a wonderful story! You were blessed and kindly have passed on your wealth of unconditional love for and knowledge of crystals and more. Thank you so much and I feel blessed to have found this site. I can feel the passion and tis a beautiful thing.

Love & Light,


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