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Energy Healing Story Healer Fixed my Back Pain

by Marianne

My friend arrived with her family from Germany in 1948 and we have been in touch with each other for the past 60 years, even though she lives about one thousand miles from me now. After we graduated from high school, she went on to become a doctor of psychology. I married, divorced, and moved to a well-known tourist destination in the South.

She came out as a lesbian while on an afternoon TV talk show. I was watching. Her announcement surprised me because I was unaware of her sexual orientation before that, but it didn't have an effect on our friendship. Years went by and we kept in touch by phone and mail. This was before the internet.

One day I was planning to be driving through the city where she lived while on a trip up North. We decided to meet for lunch so she could introduce me to her new partner on my way home. The woman she introduced me to was working for the National Organization of Women but she was also a psychic channeler whose mother had been a Christian Scientist healer. She was charming and we all got along well. It was apparent that she was introducing my friend to the psychic world and my friend was very receptive to it.

They began visiting me in my tourist city town and, when they did, they brought their ouija board with them and introduced me to it and to meditation. One day they called me from their home up North and said that "as a gift" they wanted to do a spirit release on me while I was at my home and they were at their home.

Fascinated, I agreed, and they asked me to sit on a couch comfortably at a certain time the next day, meditate and then they would do the spirit release together and with a gentleman friend of theirs who was also a psychologist and whose work included hypnosis and past lives therapy. They told me that when the spirit release was finished, they would call and let me know what happened.

I did what they asked and the next day as I sat on the couch meditating, I suddenly thought, "Goodness, I have so many!" I really didn't know what that thought meant, just that it went through my mind. Even before the phone rang to tell me it was finished, I knew the spirit release was over. I could sense it.

What surprised me was that I got up off the couch to answer the phone with no problem, whereas before I had to help myself because of back pain I always dealt with. I was up off the couch to answer the phone without realizing that I had done it with no difficulty. As soon as I got on the phone I said, "There were a lot, weren't there?" And they agreed.

I listened as they told me they had released 36 spirits who were around me, and the one who was there the longest and who really was difficult to release was in my lower back!! I do not talk about my back problem and I know that they were unaware of it. So, I don't ask how or why this happened, only the results. The results were that I no longer walked like a sailboat in a wind, tacking to one side.

I couldn't thank my friends enough for doing this for me in their own way. Now they perform this spirit release for me once a year, sometimes when they are visiting with me and sometimes long-distance. Most of the time I am free of any spirits, sometimes I have one or two, but I feel every so much better!

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Jan 27, 2011
Wow what an amazing story
by: Kim

It all makes sense to me now after reading your story. Yes, we have spirits hanging all around us who are sucking the energy right out of us and I have Degenerative disc Disease with a ruptured disc in my lower back. Plus knee problems and now sinus headaches. I have a friend who is learning her masters on Reiki who performs the past life ritual on me, and then checks to see if there are any family energies around me. There was a lot of energy coming from various parts of my body as she scanned it with a pendulum. I then dreamt a few nights later about being in the 1950's and buying a car. It was the first time I ever had a dream of the past like that. I was not born now, until much later. My husband has a rare cancer and she has been doing distant healing on him and myself as well. I also have been healing him as I am a beginner at Reiki and am learning fast. i love how the energy flows and using crystals is a must I say to amplify the Reiki Rituals. I am going to have to see about getting rid of the spirits hanging around my body and intruding my space. Thank you for sharing your story. Much peace and love.

May 17, 2010
very interesting
by: Anonymous

How can I get in touch with these spirit releasers?

Dec 06, 2008
What a cool story!
by: Kimmy

What a cool story!

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