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Energy Healing Story Guided Meditation Set Me on My Spiritual Path

by Shana
(Rhode Island)

The first time I meditated, I was extremely stressed out and trying to determine just exactly what I believed in spiritually. I had a friend who was Wiccan and he suggested that he guide me through a grounding meditation when I was ready to try it, as he said it could potentially be very telling. I waited a few weeks, and on one particular night while my husband was at work and I was exceptionally anxious and stressed, I called my friend on the phone and requested he "perform" the guided meditation.

He started off by telling me to get very comfortable, so I took off my shoes and laid on the couch in my living room. Once settled, he told me to close my eyes and envision that I was in a field full of wild flowers and that I, in fact, was a great old oak tree in that field. Then he told me to feel my roots in the soil and follow them down into the center of the earth. He guided me down with words like "keep going" and "feel your toes getting warmer as you near the core" etc. I felt myself totally relax and follow his directions without even trying.

Soon, I really felt like I was a tree and my roots were warm. It was an amazing feeling. I kept going down and down into the earth's core in my mind until suddenly I was met by a woman's face. She looked at me and smiled and I suddenly felt completely alive and full of energy and life. I sat upright panting.

My friend was like "what's wrong?" and I started crying. I truly feel that I touched the goddess/life force/divine energy that night. I have never had a more powerful spiritual experience than that and it is what I know moved me to study paganism and energy healing and finally realize that a pagan is what I am.

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