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Energy Healing Story Guided Meditation CD Improved my Meditation Practice

by Paul

A guided meditation CD improved my meditation practice: I had meditated off and on over the years with excellent physical results – low blood pressure, low stress related ailments, etc. The one problem I always struggled with though, was the amount of time required to control the noise in my mind.

I am more of an audio-leaning perceptive personality, than visual and always have a song or beat running though my mind. I frequently thought how pleasant it would be to just sit down and begin meditating, instantly reaching that perfect quiet place, without spending the extra time and energy needed to turn off the buzz of thoughts, music or noise that constantly trickles into my waking (and at times sleeping) awareness.

Finally a couple of years ago I purchased a guided meditation CD from Brain Synch just to see what it was all about. The first notes of the audio sound waves and soothing voice from the guided meditation almost immediately put me into the visual place being described, and I reached that deep quiet place within a few minutes, far faster than normal.

But, that’s only part of the story. In the final minutes of this particular meditation, the guide talks about a blue light that envelops the listener and I not only visualized the light in startling detail and brightness, but my fingers and toes began to tingle and soon I could feel the light actually pulsing and flowing through my being.

When the CD ended, I arose with the most wonderful sense of calm and connectedness to all things. I moved throughout the next couple of days with a peace and contentment that made life seem more filled with wonder and joy than ever before. For me this is what energy healing is all about, finding a technique that works for you. Now I can begin meditating with or without the guided mediation CD, and quickly reach that internal place of quiet again. I just needed the guide to show me the way.

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