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Energy Healing Story Flourite Crystal Ally

by Sam
(New York)

When I was a teenager I started looking into the use of crystals as meditation aids. One of the first ones I was given was a purple fluorite crystal, which, according to the friend who gave it to me, was linked with traveling.

I found it useful as a focus on occasion, but it never really resonated with me. Then one day it was gone. I assumed I'd misplaced it somewhere and didn't really think any more about it, since it wasn't that important to me. Then I went to visit a friend of mine halfway across the country, and there, in her closet, was the fluorite crystal. Neither of us could figure out how it had gotten there.

We used it as a ritual focus once while I was there, for something important we were doing, and then I took it home with me when I left. This time I took more care of it, but a year or so later it vanished again.

The next time it turned up, it was in Hawaii, where I'd gone to see my retired grandmother. I had a big decision to make at that time, about where my life was going and whether I was going to take a certain job that had just become available, and I decided to use the crystal to try and focus myself.

Again I took it home with me and again it disappeared. I've since found it in Halifax, in Montreal, and in Maine, all at times when I had some major choice to make about what I was going to do next. I don't know what's going on with it or why it seems to be tied in to the important events of my life, but I think I'm being led to something, and I hope I'm able to follow it.

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Nov 22, 2011
truth IS stranger...
by: Anonymous

so it ran ahead of you thru time and space to beat u to ur next destination? Not saying its impossible but i am asking what is the lesson in that? Nothing happens without a purpose so ... did u get any lesson from that? Wow.

Dec 20, 2008
by: Anonymous

Did this really happen? Because if it did, that's awesome!

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