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Energy Healing Story Crystals Helped my Depression

by Louanne

A few years ago I started to experience very bad bouts of pain in my lower back. As a long time senior carer within the national health service I initially put this down to the wear and tear of the job. I used over the counter pain killers in the beginning and then the doctor prescribed stronger painkillers which affected my sleep, so I also started taking sleeping tablets.

Life became a round of pill taking and pain, which as you can imagine was intensely depressing, so yes you guessed it... more pills for the depression. I really thought this was the way my life would be forever until a friend mentioned that a crystal healing practitioner she had visited had helped with her depression.

I must admit I was more than a little skeptical having always had much more faith in science than what I termed mumbo jumbo. I decided to try it because I had to admit my friend seemed happier and healthier than I had seen her in years, and I was at the end of my tether and ready to try anything. So began my conversion.

My friend made me an appointment and to my shame had to take me along to ensure I attended. I was amazed that the lady who answered the door was not dressed in robes but rather a pair of smart black trousers and a t-shirt. Stereo-types were shattered. She didn't look like a new age traveler with dread locks and thick black eye-liner but actually looked a bit like my Avon lady.

Over a cup of tea we discussed my depression and when I explained that the back pain was a major factor in my developing this complaint she explained that this could possibly be helped by crystal healing as well. We then went into a beautifully decorated room that smelled of roses, not the incense laden candle lit cavern I had imagined. I laid on a velvet covered couch which was as far removed from a doctors examination couch as you could imagine.

Sheila, yes Sheila not Lady Elsbeth, took various crystals from an amethyst bed and placed them on various parts of my body all the while explaining what she was doing. She explained that first she had to open my chakras to allow the healing to begin, personally I did not know I had any chakras never mind that they were blocked.

But after she got started, I was amazed. I felt more peaceful and calm after that first session than I had felt in months. Needless to say I took no persuading to return for regular sessions after that. Sheila has become a valued friend and I am no longer a skeptic, in fact between the crystal healing and reiki sessions I can happily say anti-depressants and sleeping tablets are a thing of the past.

I still get a certain amount of back pain but am much less reliant on pain killers, and those I do take are much milder than before. It would be an exaggeration to say that crystal healing saved my life, but I certainly started me down a path that opened my eyes to alternative healing and has greatly improved my quality of life.

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Sep 26, 2011
healing with crystals
by: Anonymous

Hey There -with crystal healing it takes time I had very bad back pain and healed myself with crystals my pain was so bad i was in agony getting out of bed i am 72years old -i healed my back other wise i couldn't be independant the pain in my sackra chakras when I was healing it was bad i believe in reincarnation and believe we bring blockes chakrases into the world with us i have always suffered with depressions and hate and not wanting to go on living I was suicide with out any one to talk to Amethyst always helps me i feel like i have come home with the vibration of the amethyst maked me feel happy nothing else does to me the world is mad selfish and people so greedy ans so uncaring -of cause not all people the earth must be a school otherwise nothing else would make sense I have nothing in common with my family and have nearly gone mad !!!

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