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Energy Healing Story Crystals from a Healers Perspective

by Cathy
(United States)

Healing with Crystals: Imagine buying the prettiest stone bead necklace you can find and only wearing it for a day before it literally explodes off your body. Well, this happened to me before I began my journey into being a crystal healing practitioner. My experience, working with hematite, started off on the wrong foot. I did not understand grounding and crystal cleansing.

The learning process can be tricky. If you are not well grounded or are an overly stressed out person, your stones or jewelry can crack, turn color or even explode. Every stone has its own unique energy field and level of endurance. It is not just the big fancy ones that pack a punch. Sometimes you will find the snow quartz you picked up on the hiking trail is just what you need for mental clarity even thought it was the size of a pea.

Stones of every shape, size, and color can be used to clear a headache, ease aching muscles, help arthritic joints, balance your emotional state, help the digestive tract and more. Healing with crystals has been used in every culture throughout the world.

Your crystals should be cleaned before you use them. I suggest you place them in salt then in the sun or moonlight for a day or two. This will get rid of any negative energy that they have stored. Once this is complete, wash them with cool water and let air dry.

Many massage therapists are now using heated stones for their profession. Most often these stones are some form of onyx, hematite, or even dark granite that has been polished smooth so it will glide easily over the skin. Many notice that the right combination of stones, heated or not, will remove stress and provide added energy without the use of caffeine or other stimulants.

Hematite is one such stone as it draws the magnetic field back into balance and you feel more relaxed. Anger and stress lead to high blood pressure and circulatory problems. Onyx has wonderful properties for dispelling this negative energy. It helps balance our emotions and keeps us on the track to well being.

If you are skeptical, try wearing a piece of bloodstone around your neck to regulate your cardiovascular system. Or perhaps wear a magnetic hematite bracelet to help relieve hypertension? These are easy ways to test drive your crystals without anyone knowing what you are doing.

Healing with crystals is quickly becoming the way of the future. It is less costly and in most cases, just as effective with prolonged use for ridding us of our daily aches and pains.

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