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Energy Healing Story Crystals are Part of my Spirituality

by Sharon
(West Virginia)

Ever since I was a child, I have been drawn to crystals. Specifically I have been drawn to quartz and amethyst. I have many of these in my home now. I can remember when I was 8 years old, my family and I visited a cave in WV. I do not remember the name of the cave, but I remember their gift shop.

They had one of those rock stations where you could buy a bag of rocks that you chose for a certain amount of money. I wanted to get a bag of crystals so bad. I felt drawn to them and when I held them I felt my hand warm. I told my dad about this and he sort of freaked out and would not let me buy any. I was heart-broken. I felt like this was important and I remember noticing that my mom did not say a word.

This was unusual for her. I now know why. My parents eventually broke up/divorced. Gone was the Christianity and church going and I watched my mother blossom in her spirituality. She raised me from age 11 on to find my own way and not be tied to Christianity or any other religion until I found myself. At the age of 23, I found myself and that self was pagan. I again felt pulled to crystals and this time I purchased some.

I have since spoken to my mother about that time when I was a child. She told me that she felt she couldn't tell me what I was feeling was real at the time, especially with my father there. But it is real. Crystals have energy stored in them from their lifetime and experiences.

I have had lots of experiences with crystals since the age of 23. I have placed them on my forehead and had headaches vanish. I have held them in my hand and felt their energy surround me. I have used them to communicate with loved ones who are now on the spiritual plane. There are so many uses for crystals I feel and I have only just begun to discover them.

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