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Energy Healing Story Crystal Singing Bowls at a New Age Party

by Lisa

This is a story about what happened to me a few years ago, when I was invited to a friend's metaphysical theme party. My friend and her friends were all just getting involved in "new age" things. I had been involved for many years, and had experienced re-birthing, soul retrieval, Reiki, Magnified Healing and other types of energetic body work. I had also been involved with meditation for a while.

I guess I was more open to the concept of energy healing than some of the people who attended. My friend had come to posses a singing bowl. She said she bought it on her last trip to Santa Fe, but it was not Native American, it was a crystal bowl from Tibet. It was a really beautiful object and I felt drawn to it immediately.

My friend provided Tarot readers, chair massage and Reiki for her party guests, the highlight of the evening however, was the singing crystal bowl. My friend had found someone who said he knew how to use the bowl, so he was going to "play" it.

We gathered around and he began to make the bowl sing. That is really the only way to describe it, the bowl seemed to come alive and sing on it's own. At first the sound was like a light breeze in my head. As the bowl continued to sing the sound became more like a wind blowing through me and I felt myself rise up. I'm sure the frequency of the sound was somehow resonating with me and seemed to carry me aloft. I could look out and see the stars, the universe.

It was incredible and so beautiful. So Calm. This must have lasted for a long time because I missed most of the performance, returning to my body just moments before he finished "playing" the bowl.

Afterwards, I asked the others what type of experience they had had, and it seems most of them just heard the bowl sing. One other person had experienced something like I had, she felt her body slip away and was floating in the air. Maybe how you "hear" the bowl it just depends on how "in tune" you already are, or how much energy work you have had. I don't know, but I won't ever forget what happened to me listening to that bowl sing!

(Note from Tanja, one of the EHI website creators): Lisa's first experience with quartz crystal singing bowls has amazing similarities to Patrick's first experience with them. Especially the planetary influences of feeling like she could see the stars and the universe. Patrick's first experience was like feeling himself as a planet. Read the crystal singing bowls and the Rings of Uranus for more on this crystal bowl phenomenon.

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