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Energy Healing Space: It can take a lot of trial and error to create the perfect healing place to meet with clients. Getting your own private office is everyone's goal, but does it make sense in the beginning?

A private office provides an environment that you can create with no limitations, since it isn't shared with anyone else, but is it worth the cost? A private office with a small waiting room can cost from $600-$2000, or more, depending on the commercial rental market in your area.

In addition, there are the added costs of telephone bills, electric bills, insurance, and the need to hire a cleaning crew or do the cleaning yourself. Now factor in that it is recommended to have an entire year's salary and operating costs set aside before starting a new full-time business endeavor. This can be out of the range of many start-up healing businesses. Are there alternatives? Sure! In fact, the options are wide open.


Renting energy healing space in an existing holistic practice is an excellent option. When we were living in Florida, this is exactly what we chose to do. We shared a space with a massage therapist, an acupuncturist, and a tarot reader. We each had our own private rooms to meet with clients. We shared the waiting room, the bathroom, and the storage areas.

Renting space can have it's benefits too. Sure, you don't get to decorate the waiting room exactly the way you want, and you can't always control the noise level, but the benefits are huge. An existing practice often already has clients. When the clients are waiting for there appointment they'll be seeing your brochures, business cards, and marketing materials. What are the chances that the client coming in for an EFT session might also be interested in a Reiki Healing Session with you? Quite high. It's an excellent way to meet people who are already interested in holistic healing alternatives.

Renting space in an existing practice is cheaper than having your own office also. Often you will just pay a flat monthly fee that covers everything. Fees range per area, size of space, and features in the office. Rents in a shared office space can be as low as $150 to a higher range of $400.

It's easy to find shared offices also. Here's a quick list of people to approach:

  • Massage Therapy Centers
  • Private Massage Therapists
  • Intuitive Readers
  • Healing Practitioners of any Modality
  • Acupuncturists
  • Chiropractors
  • Naturopaths
  • Energy Healing Centers
  • New Age Stores
  • Counselors

It's easy to find people in these professions who are looking to rent a part of their healing office. Look in the newspapers, check on the bulletin boards at new age shops and health food stores, or read any locally published spiritual newspapers or newsletters. Alternatively post your own ad stating that you are looking for a shared office space or ask around with your healing network of friends and colleagues.


professional therapy space

Renting energy healing space by the hour is another valid idea, especially if you don't have an established client base yet. Places to do this can be found through the same contact list for renting by the month. It is often possible to do this through healing centers, healing practitioners, massage practices and metaphysical shops.

Some practitioners don't have all of their time slots filled, or they may work in the mornings and their office might be empty during afternoons, evenings, or weekends. It is often possible to arrange for renting their office or healing room during times that it is not in use.

Healing centers, massage practices and new age stores often allow for this option also. They may want to create a diversity of healers for their customers and clients, and have a healing room dedicated for rent by the hour or by a healing session. Often arrangements like these are done on a percentage basis rather than a flat fee. Percentage cuts can range from 25%-50%. If you are charging a living wage for your services of a minimum of $50 or $60 per session, this arrangement can be quite attractive for both you and the center.

The downfalls to renting energy healing space by the hour is that you often can't leave your healing tools in the office. If you're a Reiki Healer this isn't such a big deal, as you really only need your hands, but if your healing services require a lot of large items it can be a negative factor. For example, Patrick uses a massage table, seven large quartz crystal singing bowls, a tibetan singing bowl, chimes, tuning forks, rattles, and crystals in his work. He has rented by the hour before and had to pack up all of his healing tools to take to the healing office, unpack them for the session, then repack them and haul them home at the end of the session. If you have a lot of healing tools, you may want to consider another option.

Another consideration is that you won't be able to control how the room is decorated. Important factors to consider before using this option are: Do you have a good working relationship with the practitioner or business that you will be renting from? Do you feel that their office has a serene, healing energy or are they pack rats who leave a chaotic environment for you to work around?

There are benefits to renting by the hour also. There isn't such a pressure to be highly profitable right in the beginning since you don't have to worry about a monthly rent fee. You only pay when you have a client. You don't have to worry about electric bills, a separate office telephone line, cleaning the facilities, or receptionist duties. It is a great proposition for those starting out.


Metaphysical and new age stores often have more alternatives for your practice. They may offer energy healing space rent by the month and rent by the session deals, and also in store opportunities. For example, a new age store may have a monthly day dedicated to having intuitive readers and healers available for their customers. Our local shop has a Psychic Saturday once a month. Patrick used to go to a shop in Florida and offer his energy healing services three times a week.

New age stores often takes a percentage cut for providing the space and the customers. Percentages are similar to renting a space, typically between 25% and 50%. Many of them will provide an area on the sales floor for doing readings or healings. Some of them will have a private or semi-private energy healing space for you to work from.

There is a major advantage to this arrangement. You can often set up with signs, brochures, business cards, marketing materials and your healing tools in the store. When the stores customers come in they are intrigued and it is quite easy to get a healing session or reading. You get free exposure for your practice, the ability to network with other healers and spiritual people, and you get walk in traffic that is already open to holistic healing concepts.

With this kind of arrangement it is often a good idea to offer services in a variety of price ranges and time frames. If you are only set up in the store for three hours, it may be more beneficial to offer mini-healing sessions of 5-20 minutes so you can reach a larger market of interested people. this also allows people to try your healing services for less than the cost of a full session.

Contact the local new age stores, metaphysical shops, and healing centers in your area to see if they are interested in having you come in and set up. It is beneficial to create a smaller, mobile healing kit when doing this kind of work. For example, if you typically use a massage table, there may not be room in the store for it. Use a chair instead. If you do intuitive readings invest in a very small folding table and two lightweight chairs.

Some shops and centers will be able to provide you with these items for your healing work. Check before hand, because it is good to be prepared ahead of time!


Working from an energy healing space in your home has the advantage of being completely free! There is no need to share your profit with anyone else, or pay monthly rental fees. If you have an extra room in your house, and your house is typically a serene place to be, consider this option.

Important considerations are:

  • Do You have Children and Will they Be Home During Sessions?
  • Do you Have Pets?
  • Will the Other People Living in your Home be Impacted?
  • Can Your Spouse, Children, or Roommate be Quiet During Sessions?
  • Do You Live Centrally Located or in the Boonies?

energy healing massage space

The benefits of meeting with clients in your home include keeping all of your profits, no overhead costs, and having the ability to keep your healing tools ready. If you have a private room, you can keep your massage table, or intuitive reading table ready for clients. You can surround the room with your own personal sacred art and completely control the ambiance of the experience.

The flip-side is sometimes it just won't work out. Are you willing to keep the areas of your house that a client will see exceptionally clean, even when your son is working on his science project in the dining room which is visible from the front door? If you live twenty minutes outside of town, will your clients be willing to drive so far? Sometimes clients make appointments over the phone. You may not know the person the first time they come to see you. Are you comfortable having strangers come to your house? Children, roommates, and spouses may have their own lives going on. If it's Monday Night Football and your husband wants to listen to the game in the den, will this impact your healing session? Everyone in the household must be comfortable being quiet during your sessions.

Pets are another consideration. I love, love, love my dog and cat... but they sure do shed a lot. Some people are allergic to pet dander. Others are just plain scared of dogs or cats. If you have pets can you keep them from impacting your healing sessions? Can you keep them out of the healing space at all times, so your allergic clients aren't affected? Does your dog bark at unforgivable moments?

Holding healing sessions in our home has never been possible. We live an hour from town, we have a large 50 pound dog that likes to bark whenever a leaf wiggles outside, and we don't have a private area for holding healing sessions. That doesn't mean it won't be the perfect option for you. Consider these factors:

  • Comfort with Having Strangers in Your Home
  • A Private Room Available for Just Healing Work
  • The Ability to Turn off the Ringer on the Phone
  • No Pets or a Healing Room that Pets Don't Enter
  • A Central Location in Town that is Easy for Clients to Drive To
  • The Ability to Keep Random Visitors from Interrupting a Session
  • Living Alone or with People Who Can Accommodate the Need for Quiet Times


So which option is best for you? Consider all of the factors before making a decision. Here's a quick overview of the pro's and con's of each option:

Having a Private Healing Office: Pro's: You completely control the environment and experience for your clients. No need to pack up healing tools. The most freedom with decorating, quietness, and limited distractions. Con's: The most expensive option. A year long commitment to a lease. Responsible for everything in the office including cleaning and insurance.

Renting an Office from an Existing Healer: Pro's: Lower financial cost than having a private office. Oftentimes you will still have a private room with your own decorating and can leave your healing tools in place. Ability to generate business from clients coming to see other practitioners. Con's: Other healers may not respect your need for quiet time when meeting with clients.

Renting by the Hour or Session: Pro's: No financial output unless you are making money and meeting with a client. The easiest way to get started with the lowest amount of commitment. Con's: No control over healing space. Booking times may conflict with the other practitioners. Must pack up healing tools between sessions.

Setting up in a New Age Shop: Pro's: No financial output unless you are making money. Gives the ability to meet many customers already interested in holistic healing. Extremely easy to get started. No need to clean the space, consider insurance,etc. Con's: The shop may be slow. No guarantee that you will get sessions(but very likely that you will).

Setting up a Home Healing Office: Pro's: No cost at all. No overhead. You can leave your healing tools out and your space set up at all times. No travel time to meet with clients. Con's: Having strangers in your home. The need for silence from other household members during sessions. The need to maintain an extremely clean and attractive home and office at all times. A blurred distinction between home and work.


If you're just starting out with your practice, consider the rent by the hour options, the home option, and the mini-healing sessions at new age stores option. If you have some established repeat clients take the plunge and start renting a room in an established business. When you're ready, and you're making a full-time income from your practice, that's the time to consider a private office of your own.

The information in this article comes from many years of trial and error. We have used all of the options above, excluding the home office. Even that one we have used to some extent, meeting a few clients in our home for slightly more informal sessions. One last note. Patrick currently has developed a situation where he has access to a private office with no fee. He works as a nutritionist at our local health food store(a really big one). The store has a private conference center separate from the store. Patrick has arranged with the general manager to use the space to meet with clients for no fee. He simply signs up in the appointment calendar for an open spot when he has a session with a client. Search out golden opportunities in your area too. You may just find a free energy healing space for your work also.

Namaste, and many blessings for your healing business. Tanja

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