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Welcome to our Energy Healing Site Information page. Here you can read about frequently asked questions, our privacy policy, copyright policy, about us, and why we decided to create a completely free, informational website dedicated to energy healing.

Our site is focused on helping people transform their lives through energy healing.

We're grateful for all of our visitors and the feedback we've received from so many people who have found our site informative. We've had international visitors from over sixty countries, and we currently get about 30,000 visitors a month to our site. Thank you for being one of them!

We are currently accepting writing and article submissions from energy healers and regular folks who want to share a story. If you're interested, send your article or story to us. If you're a practitioner, and want to get some free exposure for your business, share a short biography at the end of your article. You can even include a link back to your site in the biography! It's a great way to generate traffic for your site.

Have any questions, or just want to share a thought with us? We'd love to hear from you!


Reader Comments: Read what other folks have said about the energy healing info website. Enjoyed your visit? Leave your own comment. We love hearing from our visitors!

About the Energy Healing Info Writers: Find out more about us! Read about how we got started working with the healing energies all around us. (You'll even get to hear about our dog and cat. Isn't that what an about us page is for?)

Energy Healing Questions: Read some of the energy healing questions other readers have asked, along with our answers. Want to send us your question? Check out the Contact Us link just below.

Contact Us: Have an energy healing related question? Want to share an idea on how to improve the website? Just want to say hi? This is the place to do it.

Energy Healing Writing Submissions: Share your mystical story or experience with the world! Writers, this is an excellent way to develop publishing credits, and practitioners, it is an excellent way for you to promote your healing practice.

Privacy Policy: We respect your privacy. We will never sell your email address or add you to our e-mail newsletter without your specific permission. If you want to read more about our privacy policy click the link above.

Energy Healing Info Copyright Policy: Energy Healing Info's copyright policy is straightforward and to the point. Everything on this website: graphics, writing, and content, is the copyrighted work of Energy Healing Info (except for a handful of copyright-free images). None of it may be used without express permission. Contact us if there is something you would like to use. Read here for the full copyright policy.

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