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Reiki Symbols Revealed: For many years it has been believed that the Reiki images for healing were meant to be a closely guarded secret, only being unveiled during the attunement processes. Many Reiki Masters forbade even having the healing symbols permanently recorded. The masters would make a written copy only long enough to show their students. Then the students would draw the reiki symbols from memory, throwing away the written copy as soon as they successfully drew them.

Times have definately changed. At the time when the majority of this secrecy was occurring, Hawayo Takakta's form of Mikao Usui's reiki was largely the only version available. Takakta also encouraged $10,000 fees for each Reiki level, perhaps the thing that was really being guarded was the amount of money practitioners were making on their high attunement fees.

In recent years, information has come forth that shows their are several other active branches of reiki, other than Takata's. These other branches, also directly descended from Mikao Usui, paint a different picture of the healing system than the one that became popularized in the United States.

Along with the high reiki attunement fees, it has been revealed that there is no written record of Mikao Usui, the original founder of reiki, saying that the symbols were to be hidden under a veil of secrecy.

So, at the risk of angering some masters who are traditionalists of the Hawayo Takakta style, we are offering you the reiki symbols revealed.

Energy healing images originally used by Mikao Usui and now used by hundreds of thousands of Reiki Masters.


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This symbol is called ChoKuRei. Using the ChoKuRei image increases the power of a Reiki healing. It is often used before a Reiki healing session to bring in more healing energy.

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This symbol is called SeiHeKi. It is used for mental and emotional healing. It is most frequently used to increase emotional well-being, calmness and serenity. It balances on an emotional level. It can be used for depression, anxiety, scattered thoughts, and nervousness.

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This symbol is HonShaZeShoNen. It is a distance healing symbol that increases the effectiveness of sending Reiki from any distance.

To use them draw them on a piece of paper and hold the paper during a healing session. If you are working on someone else, have them hold the paper. Another very common way to use the reiki symbols revealed here is to draw them in the air with your hand before starting your healing work.


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