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This is our online scrapbook about the 2008 Power of Thought Conference hosted by the Ozark Research Institute. This five day annual energy healing event is something we always look forward to. There were visitors from as far away as Taiwan. Patrick was a guest speaker this year, and he also hosted a group healing event.


Patrick channeling Reiki energy healing during his healing event on Monday Night. He used all seven of his crystal singing practitioner bowls, channeled Reiki, and ended with a group Om mantra circle.


A few of the energy healing tools used by Patrick during his healing event on Monday night at the 2008 Power of Thought Conference. Our amber Quan Yin likes to make an appearance at healing events. She is in the middle of the table sharing her energies of compassion and unconditional love. There is also our quartz crystal merkaba, Shanti Chimes from France, Tibetan Ting-Shaws,a crystal healing wand from Seeds of Light in Florida, and our antique Tibetan metal singing bowl.


A few of our practitioner bowls in their carrying bags, waiting for the healing event to start.


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