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One day I wondered why Energy Healing News stories never seemed to hit the mainstream press, then I realized I'd never really looked into it heavily. Sure, in my neck of the woods I wasn't seeing much, but maybe elsewhere? After doing some extensive research, I realized that energy healing concepts are being discussed, and not just on blogs and yahoo groups. There were many stories every month being printed around the United States and the world.

I just had to tap into them. Thanks to google's really cool, free technology known as google alerts, I was able to have energy healing news stories forwarded to my email account every week. I choose the best of them, and provide a journalistic summary for you, our readers.

Bookmark this page if you are like me and enjoy reading about healing stories that hit the mainstream presses. We have taken the time to compile the stories, so you don't have to. Now it's just an easy glance at the headlines, sorted by date, to see what you're interested in and keep your finger on the pulse of the energy healing world.

We've got fascinating accounts of local practitioners, energy healing news in hospitals, metaphysical happenings, and the occasional press release about energy healing events happening across the world. Thank you for visiting us here at We appreciate you... now read on for news stories from as far away as Canada, India, and South Africa and as close to home as Fall River Massachusetts...


Animal Reiki Hits the Mainstream Press: On Monday, October 13th, 2008 Kathleen Prasad presented a Reiki seminar to a group of Veterinary Technicians at the Annual AHVMA Convention held in Reno, Nevada. This spells a change in mainstream medical thinking, at least when it comes to animals.Kathleen is a Reiki Master who...

A Healing Breath for Stressful Times: The Oregonian: On October 12th, 2008 the Oregonian printed an article by Michael Sears,a Chiropractor and Yoga Teacher from Portland, Oregon. In "A Healing Breath for Stressful Times",Michael emphasizes the effects of stress on the body saying...

Energy Healing News: Natural Solutions to Health Ailments: "The Herald News": Fall River, Massachusetts is open to the idea of energy healing. That fact was recently illustrated by an article printed titled, "Natural Solutions to Health Ailments." The article starts out with this concept: Maybe you've been experiencing a pain or a mild discomfort, tiredness, or just a feeling that something's wrong, but medical tests show...

After Car Accident Woman Discovers New Life as Energy Healer: The Ottowa Citizen: Louise Rachlis, a journalist with the "Ottowa Citizen" interviewed Patricia about her amazing journey to recovery after a debilitating car accident. She had been left in bad health and in a state of hardly functioning. Patricia said, "After a year of western medicine, I could stand for about three minutes, and then I'd fall. I couldn't read, couldn't work, and was barely able to...

Energy Healing News Hits the Mainstream Press: "Times of India" and "The Star". Energy Healing is hitting the mainstream press, at least in Asia. On August 12th the "Times of India" newspaper printed an article on energy healing. It was posted right alongside mainstream articles about recent flooding and student voting issues.The article, from the Bangalore region of India, provided an overview of...

I hope these energy healing news stories have kept you up-to-speed. Have you heard of a metaphysical or healing story that's hit the press? Share it! Every contribution makes a better place to visit.


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