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Energy Healing news is hitting the mainstream press and at least in Asia. On August 12th the "Times of India" newspaper printed an article on energy healing. It was posted right alongside mainstream articles about recent flooding and student voting issues.

The article, from the Bangalore region of India, provided an overview of a simple energy healing technique for learning to feel energy in the hand chakras.

Another energy healing article was spotted in a Malaysian newspaper, "The Star". Dr. Amir Farid Isahak's article titled "The Science of Energy Healing" hit the presses on August 3rd. The article focused largely on the limited scientific testing that has been done on energy healing modalities.

Other countries are starting to move energy healing concepts into the mainstream press, maybe it's time for America to follow suit. Read on for excerpts and a review of Dr. Isahak's article...

Qigong produces improved white cell counts and relief from cancer treatment side effects in over 66 percent of participants in a Chinese Study.

In a recent article printed in the Malaysian newspaper "The Star", Qigong was shown to improve the health of over 66 percent of cancer patients in a case study of over 900 people. The article, "The Science of Energy Healing", by Dr. Amir Farid Isahak's recounted the results from the study, and implored that more studies by conducted on alternative therapies.

Dr. Isahak stated, "Science has no problems recognizing that plants and herbs have medicinal value because they contain nutrients and natural chemicals that may heal the body. However, when it comes to recognizing that the human hands can emit energy that heals, science has a problem accepting this, as nothing in science thus far indicates that it can or should happen."

He pointed out the lack of interest from the scientific community on seeing clinical studies carried out, a factor that I have long noticed also. Dr. Isahak, a medical specialist, and Qigong master discussed one Qigong case study conducted in the oncology department of a hospital in the Shangdon Province of China.

In the case study, 900 patients with advanced cancer were studied. The patients participated in a healing Qigong therapy called the Guolin Qigong Walk for a period of two months. At the end of two months the patients were examined. An amazing 75.8% of the patients experienced significant relief from chemotherapy and radiation side effects such as fatigue, weight loss, loss of appetite, and insomnia. 66% of the participants showed improved white cell counts.

Unfortunately, there was no control group for this study, thereby largely negating it's validity in the eyes of the scientific community. That doesn't mean the study has been negated in the eyes of the energy healing community however. While we wait for the purse strings that hold scientific studies to catch up with the phenomenon of energy healing, anecdotal studies are being conducted around the world by small groups of healers.

Have you experienced any anecdotal healing evidence? Our readers, and us here at Energy Healing Info would love to hear about it. Send your reports to the energy healing submissions page. In the meantime, visit the research we've done on the science of energy healing, and check back with us, as we report more instances of energy healing hitting the mainstream news.

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