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Welcome to's energy healing links section. It is a resource to the best metaphysical sites and new age links. When you are done here, visit the rest of the Energy Healing Info website for Energy Healing Techniques, Reiki Information, Crystal Healing resources, and Sound Healing articles.

Our links section isn't the largest one you'll find on the internet, but that's because we want to only share the "best" sites with our visitors. We only list websites here that we absolutely love, and that we think you will love too. Clicking on any of the links on this page will take you to a subcategory with links to our favorite websites.

Energy Healing Atlanta: David Whaley's comprehensive site about Reiki, energy healing, sound therapy, light therapy, intuitive healing and massage. David is based in Atlanta, Georgia so if you're nearby, schedule an appointment with him.

Chakras Yoga by Marylee Fairbanks: Marylee Fairbanks is a Reiki master and Yoga instructor based out of Boxford Massachusets. I ran across her blog recently and was moved to tears (happy tears) by an inspirational and moving blog post that she had written. I'm a fan! Marylee writes with a compassionate, down to earth feeling that is quite refreshing. Her blog combines information about healing modalities such as chakra work and yoga with an inspirational writing style that got me hooked after the first post. We highly recommend checking her out and adding her to your own blog roll.

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