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Welcome to and the Energy Healing Info Copyright page. This website is a comprehensive resource of energy healing information, techniques, and informative articles on the many aspects of energy healing including crystals, Reiki, sound healing, and chakra healing.Everything on this site is free to read and look at, but not free to use. Please read on for the energy healing info copyright policy:

"All of the writing posted on is protected under copyright. Please do not use any articles or other writing from this site without requesting permission first."


When we first created the website, we were comfortable with sharing our content with others, then we found out about some search engine statistics that changed our minds. Search engines frown on duplicate content. That means if we have an article and you copy it for your website and post it there, we both lose points with the search engines. Who wants that? Not us, not you. That's why we've created the energy healing info copyright policy.


*Duplicate content drops search engine rankings for all pages involved. It is considered spam by the search engines.

*Visitors don't want to read the same rehashed information at every site they visit. Let's keep it fresh and new for them!

*We spend hours creating each information page on our website. You wouldn't want someone stealing your pages after you spent hours creating them.

*It's just bad karma to steal from another's hard work.

*It's good karma not to steal!

*Buddha is watching.


We, the owners of the Energy Healing Info website, have written all of the content, unless specifically mentioned with credits given to the original creator.

The right-click function has been disabled on all of our pages. In addition we do use and run our pages through the copyscape program frequently to see if anyone has used our writing illegally. If discovered, we contact the website with a cease and desist notice. If that fails, we take further steps with google and the website's ISP provider, which can result in a ban.

We spend hours creating each page of information for our website visitors. We do this because we believe in freely sharing knowledge about energy healing. Freely sharing knowledge means visitors coming to our site to view it, not individuals taking our work and plagiarizing it as their own. Please don't use our content on your website. Make your own. Your readers and visitors will appreciate your unique viewpoint.

If you are interested in reprinting an article or segment from our website, please contact us. Thank you!


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Energy Healing Info Copyright Policy: Energy Healing Info's copyright policy is straightforward and to the point. Everything on this website: graphics, writing, and content, is the copyrighted work of Energy Healing Info (except for a handful of copyright-free images). None of it may be used without express permission. Contact us if there is something you would like to use. Read here for the full copyright policy.

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