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Energy Healing for Getting a Job

by Kimberly Robinson

Hello...I am always in awe when I come to your website, and I learn sooooo much. I am beginning my spiritual journey and could not fathom doing so without this site. Continued blessings on your beautiful hearts, spirits, what you do for people, and your site.

I would also like to ask for some energy healing surrounding a job I applied for. I applied for a lab tech job at Dupont, in Wilmington, DE, a few weeks ago. They have not called or responded in any way yet, and was hoping for you to send some healing, so that I may get the job, to take care of my family. Thank you and again continued blessings always.

Kimberly Robinson

Hello Kimberly,

It warms my heart that you enjoy the site. The main reason Tanja and myself created the site is to share information about the benefits of energy healing. Anything that is free, purely love based, and invariably effective at bringing about improvement in any situation should be talked about and supported.

I send healing out on a daily basis. The subject varies greatly but the love vibration is a constant. It would be my pleasure to send some good energy towards you, your household, and the job/prosperity situation in your life. As with all things, I will put in the filter that it represents the highest and greatest good of all. If you are indeed meant to get that job, I wish you all the best. Regardless, I pray that you become open to the infinite abundance of prosperity that you deserve.

Here are a few pages on prosperity that may help you on your journey:
Wealth Affirmations
Ganesh Mantra for Prosperity
Abundance Prosperity Reiki Technique

Also, consider getting a piece of jade or ruby. These two crystals are known to help bring the energies of abundance and prosperity.

Thanks again for your delightful compliments. I will start sending energy healing your way this moment. May it benefit you in ways you could only wish for.

Dream Well and Blessed Be,

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Jul 15, 2009
Job interview
by: Anonymous

I went for a job interview and really love this job, it would be perfect. How can I use reiki healing to get the job. During the interview I was focusing on my energy and trying to build up a rapport with the interviewers. I need to get my life back on track and this would be the perfect beginning.

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