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This Energy Healing Business Pricing Tips page will chart you through the unfamiliar territories of how much to charge, when to offer discounts, and why it's important to charge a fair (for you and your clients) fee from the start. The information will benefit you whether you offer an energy healing service like Reiki, Quantum Touch, Sound Healing, Crystal Therapy, or Emotional Freedom Technique. It can also be applied to mystical services like tarot readings, psychic readings, and past life regressions. It also translates into more mainstream fields like massage, holistic nutrition, and counseling services. Whatever your chosen healing profession is, read this guide to demystify the act of accepting money for your services.

How much to charge for your holistic services? There is a simple guide used by many practitioners. Check and see what massage therapists are charging in your area. Call ten massage practitioners and ask them how much they charge for a one hour massage. Whatever the going rate in your community is, choose that rate for your services. By going rate I mean the typical price that the majority of the therapists you contacted charge.

In our area I know of two massage therapists who charge a rather low fee, one is $40 an hour, and the other is $45 an hour. The majority charge $60 an hour. Then there are a few on the top end of the spectrum, associated with high end salons, that charge $75-$100. We priced Patrick's energy healing services to fit with the standard rate in our area of $60.

Now let's get the standard rate for your area. Make those phone calls! Then come back here to get your ideal price range. Here's a sample breakdown....

You make your calls and you get one person who charges $25 an hour, one person who charges $45 an hour, three people who charge $50 an hour, four people who charge $70 an hour, and one person who charges $85 an hour. The range is $25-$85. $25 is the lowest end. $85 is the highest. The majority fit between the group that charges $50 and the group that charges $70. Your fee should be between $50-$70 an hour.

$25-$85. That's quite a range! But if you take a closer look, you'll see there might be very important reasons for the price difference. This is where you dig a little deeper. Let's take the final step in the next section. We're going to narrow down your price to it's final ideal.


Let's look at the massage therapist who is charging $25. That's quite a low fee for any area... but wait, you say, if you were making $25 an hour with 30 clients a week you'd be rolling in it! You decide you should price low to get a ton of clients.

Not so fast. At $25 an hour what's going on in the therapist's life. Did they just start practicing and they're using a low price gimmick to build a client base? Do they do it part time at home (no office rent) and hold down another full time job? Did they start their business several years ago and now find it next to impossible to raise their rate without losing their client base?

That last question is one of the biggest pitfalls with pricing too low in the beginning. When you price at the bottom end of the spectrum you develop a client base of "discount-seekers". We all know them, and there is nothing wrong with being the person always on the lookout for the great giveaway deals, but the same person who clips coupons and reads the Sunday paper looking for the cheapest deal is not your ideal client base. They will turn from you when you raise your rates later, looking for someone else who is offering the "greatest savings on psychic readings".

There is less customer loyalty with the discount seekers. They want it cheap and they'll go where it's cheap. It's extremely difficult to raise your rates and retain these clients, and in the future you may find it very necessary to raise your rate.


On the other end of the spectrum, we have that $85 fee. Wow. $85 an hour. You could do just 5-10 sessions a week and be living on fancy-street. That's way better than $25 an hour you say. It's the way to go!

First you need to look at why this person is charging $85 an hour. Have they had their energy healing business for twenty years, growing their client base the entire time? Are they set up in the most exclusive deluxe spa in town? Do they own a tie-in business that makes it easy for them to get clients such as a new age store or a health food store? Do they have high society connections are the most gorgeous office space in the high-rent district?

Their expenses could be much higher than the new start up business down the street charging $25 an hour, especially if they are splitting their fee with a spa owner (a common practice), paying extremely high rents, or advertising full-page color ads in the glitzy local mags.

When considering top-dollar fees you need to look closely at your own situation. Are you working more than full-time to get your holistic health business going? By that I mean fifty hours a week, most of it spent on marketing and networking. Do you have the budget to do a serious ad campaign in the beginning, spending $400 minimum a month on color ads, astronomically more if you do a tv commercial run? Will you be set up in the shi-shi salon splitting your fee %50 with the owner? Then yes, it may be a good idea to consider going with the highest rate fee in your area.

The benefit to charging more is that people have a built in barometer that says, "If a person charges this much, they must be the best." You have to be ready to be the best though. Your office had better be more delightful than the inside of a pottery barn catalog, your services top-notch. Otherwise you'll get one time hits who go to the practitioner down the street next time.

Energy Healing Business Pricing Tips. Luxury Add-ons: Here's an example of luxury services. The local East Meets West Spa in my area employs a friend of mine, Val, a massage therapist with over a decade of experience. She was a teacher at one of the local massage schools before joining up with the East Meets West Spa. At this spa, they offer you your choice of wine before your massage, that's just where the luxury starts. The spa is top-notch, beautifully decorated, and in the best part of town. Expect high prices to work fine with this clientel!

High-prices are great. Less work, more money, but look realistically at your situation before pricing your new business above everyone else in the area. It can take longer to develop a client base in some cases. You will be pricing out more of the middle class regulars and heading straight for an upper middle class market. There are less people in the higher income brackets, so that automatically means less clientele to attract.

* (One final note) $85 an hour, really isn't that high, I used it for this example, but rates in the higher echelon can be anywhere from $85-$1000 for a treatment. $85 is on the higher end for our area, but if you live in an urban metro area, it could be a slave's wage. That's why it's important to call practitioners in your area and see what the going rates are.


So you're just starting out, you're not planning on setting up a card table in your grandmother's scary basement as your healing office nor are you planning on offering free champagne to your clients as a classical violinist performs in the background. Time to price in the middle. The art of pricing in the middle is that you're subconsciously telling your clients that your services are good, worthy of a fair fee, but that you're also affordable.

In our example above $50-$70 was the majority going rate fee for a good one hour massage. Price yourself right here at $50-$70. If you'll be seeing clients in an attractive office in your own home, consider the low-side of $50 to get started. You have no overhead, no rent, and you don't have to split your fee with anyone else. It's all for you. Good job and congratulations on your new business!

If you are renting office space to see clients, or will be splitting your fee with someone, consider $60-$70. This will help offset your expenses, and the higher price is reasonable considering the more professional environment that you'll be providing for your clients.


A few more energy healing business pricing tips to get you started....

If you will be working out of an existing practice or a spa where other practitioners are already set up, go with the standard pricing that they are charging, or maybe $5-$10 less to get you started. The spa owner or metaphysical center owner will be able to offer you advice on this, and they may even have rates set out that they require you to charge.

Pricing too low in the beginning can be a trap, but there are way's to generate client's using low-price strategies without compromising the perceived value of your services. In your advertising ad a coupon for %50 off first time customers, or $10 off first time customers. That way you're able to offer a discount to get them through the door, but you're maintaining the integrity of your regular rate.

Offer a pricing tier. If your EFT sessions are typically an hour and a half long, offer an hour long session, or even a thirty minute session at a lower fee. This can encourage those who are intimidated by the full rate to still take advantage of your services. The benefit to this is you maintain the integrity of your rate. You offer the same service but for less time.

When considering pricing increases, do them slowly and send out notifications to your regular clients several months in advance. We recommend only $5-$10 price increases at a time, preferably only once a year. Consider a positive twist to price increases. Offer a little something extra along with the increase, or start a referral program that will help loyal, regular clients get a savings break. More on that next...

Offer a referral program. Patrick offers $10 off for each new client that an existing client refers to him. A strong referrer is the best kind of client, because it means exponentially more clients coming your way! Love your referrer clients. Treat them like gold. Wine and dine them. At least give them a price break for their sessions. Patrick let's the referrer discounts accumulate so a client who has referred three other clients can save $30 on their next session. It will be the happiest discount that you ever give.

It can be intimidating at first to consider charging $50, $60, even $100 an hour for your services, especially when your hourly or salary rate may not be in the same stratosphere as these hourly figures. Get comfortable with it. The book "Building your Ideal Private Practice" (highly recommended) by Lynn Grodzki discusses practicing saying your rate out loud, along with what you do. So Patrick would say, "I offer energy healing services which help to balance my client's chakras physically, emotionally, and mentally. Many clients have transformed their lives after a series of sessions with me. It's $60 for a one-hour session."

You can always change it. It's better to start off charge a fee that is too high, than too low. If it's too high, it's easy to drop the price by $5,$10,$20. Raising it is another matter. It can alienate existing clients who are used to paying less. If you're in doubt between two amounts, choose the higher amount.

Don't discount the value of what you offer. Many people who are used to making a small hourly wage at a regular job fail to take into account all the reasons for charging a fair fee, and undercharge themselves. Consider these factors: As a private business you will pay more in taxes. An employer will not be paying for half of your taxes (yes they do this). You will also be responsible for attaining health insurance (if you choose), which is more expensive as a private individual than as part of an employee pool. If your office is not in your home there can be substantial commuting time, and set up time.

Look at all the time involved in an hourly session. Let's take Patrick. He charges $60 a session. He tells clients a session will be one hour. They always run 1 1/2 hours, because clients like to talk about their experiences. It takes him time to set up his quartz crystal singing bowls before a session, and more time to put them away after a session. If he's not in town it takes him a 45 minute commute both ways to meet with a client. Wow. That $60 an hour just shrunk a lot. It's more like 3 hours per session (if he doesn't have any other clients that day). That $60 an hour just turned into $20 an hour.Yikes! For Patrick, $60 is the going rate in his community. He is offered free space to work from through the natural health food store where he is the nutritionist, so he doesn't have to share his fee, and there are limited overhead expenses (business cards and advertising are the only overheads). So for Patrick, it's worth it, but the example shows how important it is to consider all the aspects of the work, not just the time spent face to face with a client. What if Patrick charged $25 an hour? Would he be happy with an $8 an hour breakdown? I don't think so. Charge appropriately and consider all time factors.

I hope these energy healing business pricing tips have helped you along your journey to discovering a fair rate of pay for your practice. We've got more information about building your business. Check it out, and if you've got healing business tips of your own, why not share them!


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