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July 14th 2008. Ultimately, I believe that our main purpose for the life experience is to be the best versions of ourselves we can.

That means if we want to be the person who devotes their lives to healing others, we should pursue that goal with all the fervor our souls have to offer. It also means that if someone truly feels that they will feel just fine working honestly their whole lives and dying quietly, so be it.

Only judgements make the distinction between whatever a good life and a bad life are. Ultimately, life is just a ride and we either enjoy it or we don't. The experience is extremely valuable and valid, regardless of details.

I choose to be a person who seeks my higher truth through helping others to heal themselves. I am going to do everything I can to fulfill that. I do this not out of a sense of duty but a sense of rightness I can feel in my heart.

For Patrick (pardon me for a moment while I speak of myself in the third person perspective), being a healer through natural medicine, Reiki and sound healing is what I signed up for. It feels right and I trust that. If at any point in my life this changes, so be it. For right now, I really dig being a healer.

I would ask everyone to ask themselves what they want to accomplish in their Soul Journey. What is your bliss? What do you love in life? What makes your heart smile?

Whatever the answer, take an action step to make it happen. Do it now. Write about it. Talk about it. Look up information about it online or at a library. Start the proverbial ball rolling and make a commitment to follow through.

You've got the entire life experience at your fingertips. Every option in the world is potentially available. At the very least you can make a good go of it. At the end of days, at least you can look back, smile and know that you followed your bliss.

Dream Well and Blessed Be,



June 18th 2008. For today's entry, I wanted to share a practice I have been using for a little over a year. It is a combination of using positive affirmations (a very cool sound healing tool), deep breathing and meditation.

When I first wake in the morning, I immediately express gratitude to Great Spirit for gifting me with another day on this beautiful planet. I then tell myself that, "today is going to be the greatest day of my life". I figure if I am going to set myself up for a good day, I may as well really go for it. I am a big believer in enthusiasm.

After telling myself, sometimes more than once, that today is going to be the greatest day of my life, I immediately take 10-12 really good, deep breaths. I inhale through my nose, hold it for a moment, and then release it. I keep myself feeling very relaxed and with a feeling of gratitude for the wonderful day I am going to have.

After doing the affirmation and completing my deep breathing, I simply allow myself to observe my breath and follow my thoughts. I watch the thoughts pass through my mind, not judging them or following them around. I then return my attention to my breathing. I do this for just a few short minutes and then allow myself to begin the day.

At the end of the day, just before I go to sleep, I tell myself that tomorrow is going to be the greatest day of my life. I then repeat the deep breathing and the brief meditation.

It's a very simple process, costs nothing, and I genuinely feel that it greatly contributes to my quality of life. Try it out for a 2-week period and then objectively think about all the nice things that happened. Remember that Spirit always works with what we already have to give us what we want. Being grateful for what we have is of vital importance. Along with enthusiasm, I am also a big believer in the power of gratitude.

I hope today is the greatest day of your life.

Dream Well and Blessed Be,

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June 1st 2008. I have been really excited about the company we use as our web-business host lately. The name of the company is Site Sell and the name of the web-business building product they sell is Site Build It or SBI. Ordinarily, that subject is about as interesting for me as, say, a depthful exploration of door stops throughout Western Civilization. Fascinating, right? No.

SBI is super cool and genuinely exciting to me because it's working. Tanja and I have developed a website that we are both very proud of and people are visiting it. Over 1000 people a month are looking at it. For Google or Yahoo, those numbers are quite unremarkable. For a private web-site that has been up for a little over 6 months, it's really good.

SBI is a fantastic product and I would encourage anyone interested in building an internet business to check it out. SBI users love it so much that you can find dozens of YouTube videos with people bragging about how much they love it. They use that word, too. People LOVE SBI. We love SBI.

I realize this could come across as a big, nasty sales pitch. That's not my intention. I am so happy about the site, I was compelled to share it with all the groovy people, like yourself, who visit our blog. All we have about it on our site right is a rather innocuous button at the bottom of each page that says "Powered by Site Build It". Dramatic, eh?

The button links to a page that talks about the SBI product. At some point, Tanja and I plan on personalizing it. It's alright as it is but it's not personal. We are personal people (does that make sense?) and believe in putting our thoughts and feelings into the work we do. We feel very strongly that SBI is the most effective way we have ever found to generate income with integrity.

Lastly, I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to you, Faithful Reader. You make it exciting. You visiting our site gives us confidence that what we are doing is helping people to discover parts of themselves they like. You let us know we are on the right track. To you, we are deeply and truly grateful. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Dream Well and Blessed Be,


May 29th 2008. We've had so many requests for a comprehensive dictionary of energy healing and metaphysical terms. Well, we've listened to all of our beloved readers. It's taken several months of labor to pull it together, and now.... Ta-Daaa!!!!

Check out the brand new, comprehensive Metaphysical Dictionary.

There's tons of information on it, from the basic what are angels to the more esoteric definitions that you may have always wondered about. Check it out, and give us some feedback! If you have a definition you'd like to see added, send it to us on our contact form and we'll add it in.

The Energy Healing Info Metaphysical Dictionary is a work in progress. We've got close to a hundred definitions in it now, but we want it to grow even larger. Let's make it a collaborative effort and see it develop into a powerful resource for people new to energy healing.

Namaste, Tanja and Patrick


May 24th 2008. The Ozark Research Institute just finished holding their Annual Dowsing & Healing Convention. Reports back are that it was a high-energy event with many great speakers and attendees.

If you're unfamiliar with the Ozark Research Institute, they're a national healing organization based out Fayetteville, Arkansas.

Every year they host two large events, a healing convention and a power of thought school. Visitors come from all across the nation, and even from other countries to hear a selection of top speakers.

Feedback we received on this year's event:

  • It was better than ever.
  • They had top-notch speakers.
  • I feel transformed.

Do you have a large new age healing event that happens in your area? Submit information about it to us, and we'll send out a message to all of our blog readers. We'd like our blog to grow to include the latest news from all over the country, so don't be shy, send in information!

Namaste, Tanja and Patrick


April 7th 2008. Today a complete stranger gave me a gift of a crystal. The person had no knowledge of the fact that I love crystals and have been working with them for years in my energy healing work.

The stone in question was a small tumbled sodalite. My first thought was gratitude towards the giver and my second thought was what message is the universe sharing with me?

Sodalite is one of the first stones I ever started working with. It is a 5th chakra stone (throat chakra), known for aiding people with communication.

It seems the universe wants me to take some time in my life to focus on communicating. As a result of this unexpected abundance gift, I plan on taking more time sharing and communicating with my friends and loved ones, and complete strangers as well.

Have you experienced unexpected gifts or events that seem to pop up from out of the blue? It could be a gift from the universe, a quiet message to focus on something in particular. Gifts from the Universe

Pay attention to these random occurences. They are often not random at all, but a cue from divine Spirit on a certain direction to head, or an issue that should be worked on.

Here's my little gift to you: May your day be blessed with an abundance of good friends, good times, and good energy. May your day be blessed with clear, heartfelt communication and a deeper connection with those in your life.

Namaste, Tanja
Energy Healing Info

(To read more about sodalite and other stones visit the metaphysical properties of stones page.)


March 18th 2008. Where did Meditation Originate? This question has been on my mind for a long time, and this week I finally decided to find out.

In fact, I went ahead and devoted an entire page to answering the question where did meditation originate.

Here's a sneak preview if you don't have time to check out the page right now. Basically, archeologists have found evidence of meditation in Hindu sacred texts that date back approximately 5,000 years in the region of India.

Written records in India started around that time, so it appears very likely that the origins of meditation date back even further. Check the link in this blog to read full details on the origins of meditation. Or visit the main meditation section to see all of the pages we have on this subject.

(update:One of our most popular pages has been the Cosmic Meditation page, a guided meditation that balances the chakras in a simple energy healing technique.)


March 2nd 2008. We've had requests from returning visitors about an easy way to find out about new pages that are added to, so here's our solution! We're going to start listing all of the new pages here on the energy healing blog so you can see at a glance what's been added lately.

We've been busy adding tons of new content. Here are some of the top pages that have been added in the last two weeks:

Detailed Chakra Chart: An at a glance look at the seven chakras and their correlations. A quick and handy guide to let you see where you may have a chakra imbalance and ways to correct it.

Chakra Colors Meditation: A beautiful guided meditation designed for chakra balancing of all seven chakras. A companion page to the detailed chakra chart page.

Meditation Facts: An easy guide for beginners meditation facts to get you started on the right foot.

Where did Meditation Originate: The definitive answer to the age old question of when and where did meditation originate. This one took a lot of research! We did that so you wouldn't have too. Check out this page and learn about the origns of meditation.

Nude Meditation: Nude Meditation! No, it's not about sex. It's about releasing the ego and connecting with the divine eternal Spirit that you are. So release the Armani Suit, and everything associated with it, and experience nude meditation today.


February 26th 2008. We're busy hard at work on it, and you can expect to see it being unveiled within the next 2 months. To begin we plan on having seven individual pages devoted to each one of the seven chakras and seven more pages on crystals associated with each of the chakras. We are also going to add at least one chakra chart for quick and easy viewing of each of the chakras and their characteristics.

energy healing blogs chakra centers

We're looking for viewer comments now while we're in the planning stages, so if there is some specific chakra information you'd like to see listed, let us know so we can add that content! Just send us a comment on the contact form.

The Energy Healing Info website is for you, our readers, so we want to make sure we add the information you're interested in reading about. We're also interested in your stories and experiences, so if you have something you'd like to share, submit it on the contact link in the above paragraph. You'll see your words in print!

From both of us here at Energy Healing Info: Thanks for visiting. It's our visitors that keep us writing and adding to the collection of free information on this site.

May your hearts soar like an eagle today. Namaste. -Tanja and Patrick

(update)This post is from the beginning of 2008. We now have 8 pages up in our chakra section, including three chakra charts. Make sure to check it out!

Thanks for visiting our energy healing blog archives for the year 2008. May you blessed with the wisdom of compassion and the heart of love today as you journey through life.

Namaste, Tanja and Patrick

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