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Interested in energy healing classes? Want to learn energy healing? We've outlined an online introduction to the basics of healing energies.


Energy Healing is a broad term that encompasses many healing techniques such as Reiki, Sound Healing, Chakra Healing, Crystal Healing and hundreds more. learn energy healing But many people new to the concept wonder what exactly it means.

Let's get started with a simple definition: Energy Healing occurs when an individual or a practitioner uses techniques to heal a person on the energetic level. A common focus is releasing deep-seated energetic wounds, producing healing on a physical level, balancing the 7 chakra centers, and providing serenity and balance in a person's life.

Energy Healing practitioners vary in their chosen methods. Some common methods are using crystals for healing, channeling Reiki healing energy, and using guided visualizations to promote balance or healing in a person's life, using sound vibrations and instruments.

What can energy healing do for you? People have healed themselves physically, everything from small ailments to cancer. People have released old patterns and recreated a new, better, fuller life for themselves. People have reduced anxiety, overcome depression, become centered and focused, lost weight... just about anything you can dream is possible, if you approach it from an energetic level.

How does it work? Read our four part series on the science behind healing energies...

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Learn Energy Healing for Beginner's Series:

Learn Energy Healing Beginner's Series Part 1

Learn Energy Healing Beginner's Series Part 2

Learn Energy Healing Beginner's Series Part 3

Learn Energy Healing Beginner's Series Part 4

Science of Energy Healing Intermediate Series:

Science of Energy Healing Part 1

Science of Energy Healing Part 2 : Entrainment

Science of Energy Healing Part 3 : Brain Wave Frequencies

Science of Energy Healing Part 4 : Auras and the Human Energy Field

Top 5 Techniques:

Opening the Hand Chakras

5 minute Rebalancing Technique for Stress

Grounding Techniques

Cutting Energy Cords

Releasing Grudges Energy Healing Technique

All Energy Healing Techniques

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Energy Healing Classes... A Starting Point

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Metaphysical Dictionary

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