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energetic reasons for broken bones

Question: My friend has broken bones in both feet in the past year. She is only in early 30s and in good health. She trips and then breaks bones and they are very hard to heal. Any ideas on why?

Answer: Often times when a person encounters a health ailment that reoccurs it signals that there is an energetic reason as well as the more commonly understood physical reasons.

Physically, a bone density check-up would be a good idea, as well as making sure that adequate levels of high quality calcium and magnesium are in the diet or being added through supplements. (High quality supplements like Jarrow formulas, not the stuff from the drug store.)

Energetically one reason keeps coming back to me. There could be several different reasons but the one I am intuiting is that she is "stumbling" on her life path.

Is your friend satisfied with the direction she is taking her life? Is she following a path she doesn't want to go down? Is she making the wrong decision on a career, school, or relationship level?

I sense that she is doing something that people in her life (and society) tell her is the "right" thing to do and the "right" direction to go, but her heart wants her to take a risk and do what she loves instead of following the more traditional path.

She should take a long examination of her life and she if she is truly satisfied with the direction she is going.

An additional note is that the feet are associated with the root chakra. It would be a good idea for her to work on some grounding techniques, root chakra healing techniques, or at a minimum use some chakra balancing tools to rebalance her chakra system.

As a final note I have known a person who went through a period of two years where they suddenly started breaking multiple bones over and over. Bone density tests showed the bones of a twenty year old in a fifty year old woman, so there was no physical reason other than "clumsiness" that science could find for her broken bones.

The energetic reason came clear to her that she needed to change her profession. Her work no longer held any passion for her. When she changed careers she stopped breaking bones.

Messages from spirit often come to us in strange ways. Ask your friend about her satisfaction with her life path and see if she just might be "resisting" on an energetic level the life path she is currently walking down. It may be time for a new path and a change in direction.


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