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EFT Therapy With Barbara Thoren Parker

Barbara Thoren Parker, EFT Therapy Practitioner

Barbara Thoren Parker, EFT Therapy Practitioner

EFT THERAPY : An Interview with Emotional Freedom Techniques Practitioner Barbara Thoren Parker.

We recently got together with Barbara Thoren Parker, a Nutritional Consultant and Emotional Freedom Techniques practitioner. We took the opportunity to ask her a few questions about how she got started with energy healing, and the question on everyone's mind lately, how does EFT work?

1)Energy Healing Info: What started you on the path of being an energy healer and EFT therapy practitioner?

Barbara Thoren Parker: Due to a personal crisis in my life, I found energy work. I was near a nervous breakdown, feeling unable to handle what stood before me. I considered tranquilizers, not wanting to experience a complete breakdown. At that time, I came across a brochure on energy work and decided to give it a try.

After my first session, I felt a shift, feeling more in control of my life and my emotions. After four sessions, I was able to confront my situation with strength and confidence without taking tranquilizers. I wanted to facilitate others healing in the same way and began my journey toward finding the modality of energy work I would use in my practice.

2)Energy Healing Info: What inspired you to become a Certified Nutritional Consultant and EFT Therapy Practitioner?

Barbara Thoren Parker: In my opinion, two of the main components that contribute to dis-ease are emotions and diet/nutritional deficiencies. EFT addresses the emotional aspects of dis-ease. As a Certified Nutritional Consultant, C.N.C., I can address the nutritional aspects of dis-ease.

3)Energy Healing Info: Some of our readers may not be familiar with Emotional Freedom Techniques. How does EFT Therapy work and how is it different from other energy healing modalities?

Barbara Thoren Parker: Emotional Freedom Technique is an emotional form of acupuncture without the needles. Any negative emotion is a disruption in the energy system. By tapping on acupuncture points and focusing on a negative emotion or dis-ease symptom, you can many times clear the disruption and the negative emotion or dis-ease symptom vanishes.

It's really quite amazing! Many times the body has stacked several layers of emotions, one on top of the other. When this is the case, more advanced techniques are required to remove the layers one by one. EFT is different from other modalities, I feel, due to the fact that there is more outward client participation.

This participation, the client tapping on the acupuncture point or doing other techniques, I feel, gives the person a sense of control and empowerment in their own healing. Of course, the client is always the healer and the energy worker the facilitator. Also EFT is something the client can take with them. When they have a negative emotion they can tap it out as they learn the techniques and how to apply them.

4) Energy Healing Info: How have EFT therapy and nutrition improved your life?

Barbara Thoren Parker: EFT and nutrition has greatly improved my life. At 55 years of age, I finally knew what I wanted to be when I grew up, I knew my true purpose for being. Having my practice in EFT and nutritional consulting gives me a satisfaction that nothing else has given me. It's so rewarding to assist people in healing and improving their lives.

5)Energy Healing Info: Would you share a healing story that you've experienced in your practice?

Barbara Thoren Parker: I worked with a man who when he called for an appointment told me he had tried everything including drugs and psychotherapy and that I was his last hope.

The first time I saw him he felt his life was out of control and that everyone around him was manipulating him. During his four sessions of EFT, this man had fully taken his power back and was self-assured and confident that he had regained control of his life. Such a drastic change in someone in such a short time (about four weeks) is a beautiful thing to experience.

EFT Therapy Practitioner

Barbara Thoren Parker is a Certified Nutritionist and EFT practitioner who has been involved with energy healing for many years. She has an office in Fayetteville, Arkansas where she meets with clients and is also available for phone sessions. Visit Barbara's website to find out more about her practice or to schedule an appointment.

Barbara Thoren Parker, CNC
Emotional Freedom Techniques Practitioner
Certified Nutritional Consultant
Phone: 479-236-4945

Office Location:
Heal Your Body, LLC
408 W. Wilson Street
Fayetteville, AR 72701

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