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Dreams of Dead Relatives

by Sharon T.
(Ripon, United Kingdom)

My mum in-law comes to see me in my dreams. She has told me lots of things that have come true. Is this normal? She passed away two years ago.

Hi Sharon, It sounds like a special gift you are being given. Many people would love to have family members that have passed come visit them in their dreams.

As far as your question of if it is normal... many people have dreams of loved ones (even pets) that have passed on. Oftentimes the dreams seem very bright with golden or white light in them. Those types of dreams are typically the departed coming back to say good-bye one last time, and let those they left behind know that they are in a good place.

Having multiple dreams of the departed with specific precognitive messages shared in them, is not nearly as common.

This is a special experience you are being given.
I would recommend getting a dream journal and writing down the experiences and the things she is telling you. Over time you may notice some patterns that weren't obvious at first.

Questions: How do the dreams make you feel? Are you comfortable with them?

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