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Daily Weight Loss Affirmations: We've got an abundance of affirmations for achieving your ideal goal weight. There are tons of choices here so you can choose the ones that resonate the best for you. So read on, and enjoy a healthier, sexy body starting today.

This page starts with my personal top ten favorite daily weight loss affirmations, then follows on with a large list of many more. At the end of the page you'll find quick tips for getting the most out of your affirmations and for combining them with energy healing techniques.


Exercise Makes me Feel Beautiful

The Extra Weight is Vanishing from my Body

My Tummy is Flat and My Tushie is Firm

I will Succeed at Creating the Body I've Always Wanted

I Am a Happy, Healthy Size 8 (insert your goal weight)

I Am Blessed with a Healthy Body

I am Easily and Effortlessly Losing Weight

I am Beautiful, Healthy, and Sexy

Getting in Shape is Easy

Every Day I Get Slimmer and Slimmer


It Feels Incredible to have a Toned Body Again

I Create an Abundance of Energy and Health every time I Work Out

Exercise Makes me Feel Powerful, Beautiful, and Strong

Divine Spirit Wants me to be Healthy and Fit

I Love My Healthy Body

I am Willing and Committed to Transform my Body

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I Deserve Healthy Food and a Healthy Body

I Love Being Sexy!

Healthy Food Tastes so Good

Every Time I Exercise I Enjoy it More

I Enjoy my Life Because of my Healthy Lifestyle

It's Time to Be Happy and Fit

I Nurture Myself by Living a Healthy Lifestyle

I'm Ready for my Body to Transform


My body Looks Better Today

I am Lean, Firm, and Strong

I am Grateful for the Ability to Be Active

As I Strengthen my Body, I Strengthen my Self-Esteem.

Getting in Shape takes Ten Minutes a Day

My Weight Loss is an Inspiration to Others

I Enjoy Wearing My Skinny Clothes Again

I Love to Show off My Incredible Body

law of attraction affirmations

I Feel so Good when I Eat Healthy

Getting in Great Shape is Easy

I am a Success in Health, Life, and Love

My Whole Life is in Balance

Carrots are Yummy

My Body is My Best Friend

I am Always at My Ideal Weight

I Lose Weight Every Day

My Ideal Weight is Easy to Maintain

I Honor and Respect my Body Fully

affirmations for wealth abundance and prosperity

I Eat Small Healthy Meals Every Day

I Eat Only When I Am Hungry

I Easily Stay at my Ideal Body Weight

I Can Eat Treats Occasionally and Still Lose Weight

I Have an Ideal Relationship with Food

I Lose Weight Easily

My Body is Aligned to it's Perfect Size

I am Losing Weight and it Feels Wonderful

I Eat Consciously

I am a Beautiful Divine Being of Light

My Body tells Me When I'm Full

affirmations for wealth abundance and prosperity

My Spirit Guides are Helping me Lose Weight

I Love my Body

I Love my Thighs

I Love my Tummy

I Love my Booty

I Vibrate at a Frequency of Perfect Weight

I am Free of Cellulite

I am Smooth and Toned

I Honor my Body


Using daily weight loss affirmations is a powerful technique for achieving your ideal weight goals. Positive affirmations are simple and free! To get the most out of your weight loss affirmations read these simple tips. Before you know it, you will be at your perfect goal weight.

* Say your affirmations out loud. It's a commonly known Sound Healing concept that the power of speaking is stronger than thinking or writing. There is power in sound.

* Say them in the morning and in the evening, every day. If you have time, say them at least three times a day. The act of repeatedly bringing your mind back to your weight loss goals will "reprogram" your mind, so that you are vibrating on the same frequency as health and vitality.

* Pick an affirmation that really feels right for you. Feel free to change these around! If you find a perfect one in the list above, use it, but if you need to tweak it, feel free. It's your affirmation. It should resonate perfectly with who you are. The effects will be stronger if you are in alignment with your chosen phrase.

* Commit to trying out an affirmation for a minimum of three months. It takes time for the universe to catch up with you. Don't stop too soon! The longer you use your phrase the more powerfully it will work for you. Stick with it! You can reprogram your thoughts, and before you know it, you'll be saying "No Thank You" to the piece of chocolate cake after a big meal.

* When you are speaking, really allow yourself to "feel" your desired outcome. Imagine your flat belly, your trim thighs and hips. Imagine yourself at your ideal weight wearing a halter top, or a bikini, or a cute pair of jeans. Imagine the vibrancy of your life once you've acheived your goal weight. When the vision is clearly in your mind of you wearing the perfect little black dress, then say your affirmations. As the book "The Secret" says, your life will mirror your thoughts.


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