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Cutting Energy Cords to Toxic Relationships
We, as humans, have a tendency to get attached to things. Some of these energetic attachments are great and allow us to feel connected to loved ones, others aren't so good. I make a daily practice of cutting off all cords that are no longer beneficial.

The energy healing technique can be used anytime. In particular, if you find yourself thinking extensively about a particlar person, place or thing and you can feel frustration or anger, or sadness in your body, use this technique then. It works very quickly and will often allow you to release your frustration and move on. Let's get started now...

cutting energy cords


* To do the energy healing technique, get yourself a good piece of crystal that resonates with your energies. I have found that a quartz point works the best for me.

* Stand up, holding the crystal in your right hand and just behind your crown chakra.

*Take a deep breath inwards and hold. Say:

"I Hereby Sever

all Cords that

no Longer Represent

my Highest and Greatest Good"

* Then, while exhaling, move the crystal down along your chakra line past the root.

* As you cut, visualize any unwanted cords being severed by your intent and the crystal. Using the filter, "That which represents my highest and greatest good" while doing this keep us from severing something beneficial.

I also hold my hand in such a way that is passes like a blade along my chakra line, just for extra effectiveness. If you don't have access to a crystal, just use the blade of your hand.

The Breaking Cords Energy Healing Technique is great for:

  • Reclaiming your personal energy.
  • Grief recovery after the death of a loved one.
  • Rebalancing after a painful relationship break-up.
  • Releasing attachments to toxic people from your past.
  • Healing groups or organizations that are not love-based.
  • Releasing attachments to toxic people currently in your life.
  • As a general energy healing maintenance to keep unhealthy cords from attaching in the first place.

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