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Crystal/Gem identification help..please :o)

by Helen
(British Columbia)



Blue Orangey White and Metallic

Question: Hello, I am new to crystal energy and healing but I am very interested. I purchased some crystals at an estate sale, an elderly woman had owned them, that I can't identify and I was hoping that someone on this forum might be able to help me identify them and perhaps explain what they would be used for.

All of these crystals are very hard, not flakey or powdery.

Also what would your advice be for the first step towards learning and working with crystals?

Answer: Hello Helen,

The pictures are somewhat small so I'll have to make some educated guesses here. Hopefully we'll get some more folks on here with their opinions too. :)

The top blue stone at first glance I assumed to be azurite, but looking a little closer I'm leaning towards peacock ore. Azurite tends to have small bumps on it's surface, almost ball shapes, while peacock ore has strong straight ridged patterns. (*After looking at the photo in a larger format, I strike both azurite and peacock ore. The shine showing in the last shot is indicative of a rough cut piece of labradorite. Labradorite is one of my favorites and you have a beautiful piece there.)

The stone you described as orangey I can't make out well enough, but the last images I'm fairly certain the white stone is white aragonite. The metallic stone isn't super clear, but I'm going to take a leap and say it might be a pyrite.

For working with your stones, visit our crystal programming page and our cleaning crystals page for some beginning advice. The best thing is to simply sit and meditate with your chosen stone of the moment, or lay it on certain parts of your body. Working with crystals is very intuitive and the rules are loose. As you spend time with them you'll naturally entrain with their vibrations and vice-versa.

Best of luck and enjoy your new stones! They're beautiful.


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