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crystal singing bowls

Crystal singing bowls are a personal favorite of ours for sound healing work. They carry an amazing healing energy in their vibration, the healing energy of the material they're made of, clear quartz.

Listening to them, just being in their presence while they're being played, is like hearing the song of crystals. If you've ever held a piece of quartz in your hand, you know what their vibration feels like, how strong it can be.

The vibration of a crystal singing bowl being played is is even stronger. The only way to describe it is magical. You can actually feel the vibration of it carrying into your body, into your bones, and your cell structure.

After just a few minutes of hearing them you relax, stress melts away and healing begins.

Have you heard them yet? If not, listen to this sound sample from our crystal bowls cd.

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Aaaah. Listening to the bowls for just a few minutes is like having a full hour long energy healing treatment. You get transported to a simpler world where everything feels "right". That's how it was for us the first time we heard the bowls being played. It was a magical experience.

And it's not just us. There are doctors paying attention to the healing effects of the bowls, there are sound practitioners and reiki masters adding bowls to their healing work, there are crystal bowl concerts and workshops popping up in communities. There's a reason these bowls are becoming so popular, their ability to heal and transform a person's life is powerful.

crystal singing bowls
Patrick Doing a Group Healing with Singing Bowls in 2007

So many people are intrigued by the bowls. We get questions all of the time. How are they made? What are they made of? How do they work? How do you play them? What is the difference between crystal bowls and tibetan singing bowls?

We've created a quartz singing bowl guide to answer these questions for you and to serve as an introduction to these fascinating healing tools.

Crystal Singing Bowls Guide for Beginners

How Singing Crystal Bowls Are Made

The Different Types of Singing Crystal Bowls

How Quartz Singing Bowls are Used for Healing

25 Tips for How to Play a Crystal Singing Bowl

Our Quartz Crystal Singing Bowl cd/mp3

Home Crystal Bowl CD/Mp3 Ask a Question

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