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Crystal Singing Bowls a Beautiful Experience

by Sandy

Crystal Singing Bowls: A Beautiful Experience...

A friend of mine, named Liam, is extremely into Buddhism and other new-age religious experiences, and is always open to trying new things – such as singing bowls. I had never heard of a singing bowl before I had gone over to Liam’s house, so when he asked me if I wanted to hear it, I was a little confused.

How exactly does a bowl sing, I thought? Does it just sit there somehow singing on its own, through a magical power or some other such thing? I thought maybe it was something you plug in that is activated by electricity or something like that. I had no idea it was much closer to a musical instrument.

The room was sparsely furnished but comfortable, and there were incense sticks and candles burning to create a meditative atmosphere. Myself and a couple of my friends sat on soft pillows on the floor, while Liam showed us the singing bowls. They looked pretty much exactly like ordinary old bowls, other than the fact that they were made of crystal and extremely shiny. Liam had a set of several of them, three or four, and told us to sit quietly, close our eyes, and listen to the bowls.

"What’s going to happen next," I thought? I wondered how the bowls were going to "sing." He took out a special stick, and rubbed it around the rim of the first bowl, producing quite an otherworldly and ethereal noise. It was not quite like anything I had ever heard before and I can see how these things have been used for hundreds of years for meditation, because it was just as interesting as special-effects generated sounds made by computers – actually, it was stranger sounding since it was so unique.

I closed my eyes and got in the Lotus position and meditated while listening to the different tones of the bowls. I must say, it certainly did aid in the meditation and produced a very peaceful feeling. I would recommend these to anyone who can afford them – Liam’s seemed like they probably cost a lot of money.

The only thing is, you need to have someone play them if you’re going to meditate, which means you need an extra person, so you can’t really use them to meditate all by yourself.

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