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crystal singing bowls How crystal singing bowls heal: The scientific community doesn't understand how powerful sound is yet. Scientific studies are just now starting to be performed on the power of sounds... but that doesn't mean sound hasn't been used by tribespeople and cultures the world over since the dawn of humanity.

Without "waxing scientific" on you (science stuff in the link above), just think about how different sounds make you feel. A babies cry puts you on alert. A mother's lullaby calms and soothes you. A car honking it's horn startles your nerves. The clang, clang, clang of construction outside your bedroom window on a Saturday morning sets you off to a bad start for the day.

Sound affects each and every one of us all the time. It makes sense that soothing music can heal just as jarring music can harm.

Quartz singing bowls literally give voices to the stone people. The sound of the bowls are the sounds of crystal allies singing to us. It is amazing that we live in an age where we can hear them sing simply by listening to a singing bowl recording or playing a bowl.

So let's discuss the main three reasons crystal singing bowls are effective for energy healing.

Singing Crystal Healing: The Energy of Crystals

quartz crystal singing bowls Crystal singing bowls are made of clear quartz crystal just like the ones in the image to the left. The energy of clear quartz is clearing and energizing.

Clear quartz heals by clearing out blocked energy that is stuck in a person's energetic structure. Quartz "loosens" up stagnant energy so that it can rejoin the energy flow.

Clear quartz also energizes. It is a conduit, similar to copper. It provides a strong and clear channel for energy to come in and leave a person's energetic structure. Because crystal singing bowls are made of quartz crystal, they have the same healing abilities as quartz.

Crystal Singing Bowl Healing: The Vibration of Crystals

crystal singing bowls sound wave It's not just about how they sound. It's the "vibration" of the bowls that produces it's healing effects. Even if a person is completely deaf the crystalline vibrations of the bowls still enters their entire energetic structure and cell structure.

The vibration of a bowl being played carries through the air. A person can feel them 15, 20 feet away. If they are energetically sensitive they can feel them 100 feet away, even if they hear nothing.

That vibration occurs when the bowls are played. It literally moves through the air and into everything around it. It aligns you with the energy of clear quartz.

We are made largely of silica. Quartz is also made largely of silica. This means that it is easy for the crystalline structure of our bodies to interact with the crystalline structure of clear quartz.

Crystal Singing Bowl Healing: The Transmission of Energy

Quartz is a healer all on it's own, but as mentioned above it is also a transmitter. That means the energy that the crystal bowl practitioner "sends" with their playing is transmitted through the sound waves and vibrations of the bowls.

A practitioner can "send" love, reiki, anything at all as they play. This intensifies the healing effect even more.

Crystal Singing Bowl Healing: Chakra Balancing

Since the bowls are tuned to specific musical notes which correspond to the chakras, when a bowl attuned to a chakra is played it works to balance that chakra and remove stagnant energy from that chakra. Crystal singing bowls are one of the most powerful chakra balancing tools available because of this.

crystal singing bowls Patrick Doing a Crystal Bowl Healing Workshop

You can experience the healing energies of crystal singing bowls many different ways. The most common way, especially for those just wanting to try them out, is listening to crystal singing bowl cds.

Other methods are to attend a sound healing workshop featuring singing bowls, schedule a healing session with a sound healing practitioner who uses bowls, attend a crystal singing bowl concert, or buy a singing bowl of your own.

Once you've experienced singing crystal bowls once, you'll know if it's something you want to pursue further. If they're for you, it's like they "grip" you. After we heard them once we went out and bought a seven bowl set within the week. We "knew" we wanted to work with their healing energies.

A Picture Tutorial of a Singing Crystal Bowl Energy Healing Session

crystal singing bowls Patrick at the Ozark Research Institute Angel Healing Room Doing a Singing Crystal Bowl Healing on Client Mallory Cross.
crystal singing bowls Patrick is using a solar plexus chakra practitioner bowl with Mallory.
crystal singing bowls Patrick playing the bowl to restart the vibrations.
crystal singing bowls The bowl is singing and he is channeling reiki at the same time.
crystal singing bowls Now he is moving the vibrations through her energetic structure.
crystal singing bowls Still doing a passover, moving the vibrations as the bowl sings.
crystal singing bowls Channeling reiki as the bowl sings and Mallory smiles.

A big thanks to client Mallory Cross for appearing in this picture tutorial and to the Ozark Research Institute for hosting such wonderful energy healing get-togethers.


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