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Different Types of Crystal Singing Bowls

Sitting Bowls

crystal singing bowls There are several different types of quartz crystal bowls. The first is the most common, the frosted clear quartz sitting bowl. Here's Patrick in the photo to the right with a clear quartz sitting bowl.

These sitting bowls come in different sizes and tuned to different musical notes. They range in size from 6 inches to 24 inches. The smaller the bowl the higher the "pitch". The larger the bowl the deeper the "pitch". Depending on the manufacturer they may also have a rounded bottom (like the image to the right) or they may have a flat bottom.

The rounded bottom singing crystal bowls use a small plastic "o-ring" to support them. This shape is very handy. It keeps the bowl from touching a floor or table surface (they are very fragile) and it also provides a good playing surface free from friction.

The flat bottomed singing crystal bowls don't need an "o-ring" to support them. They can sit flat on the surface they are placed on. The only difficulty with them is that since they are touching a surface there is a higher chance for them to become damaged and broken.

Handheld Practitioner Bowls

crystal singing bowls The second type of crystal singing bowl is what's often called a hand-held bowl or practitioner bowl.

These bowls are smaller in size than the sitting bowls. They typically range in size from 5 inches to 10 inches. they have a handle made of clear quartz and are much lighter weight. This makes it very convenient to use in healing sessions.

They can be moved inside a person's energetic structure and can be held as close as a few inches from the body, intensifying the healing effect.

These bowls are what is called "optically clear quartz" rather than frosted quartz. The optically clear quartz has a translucent appearance vs. the frosted effect of the sitting bowls.

Depending on the manufacturer, the handheld bowls feature either an open handle or a closed handle with a chakra color attuned cork in it. The closed handled versions can have crystals placed inside of them as well as healing messages. The photo to the left shows a solar plexus chakra attuned bowl with healing solar stones placed inside of the handle.

Colored Bowls

crystal singing bowls In addition to sitting and handheld there are also different colors of crystal singing bowls.

Some, like the image to the right, are made different colors by the inclusion of precious minerals or different types of crystals like rose quartz, moldavite, and selenite.

They harness the special abilities of these different types of stones for the healing work.

Others are simply different colors based on dyes that are added during the manufacturing process. These often correspond to color therapy and color chakra therapy.

Different Types of Crystal Singing Bowls

So as you can see, there are many different styles of bowls available, especially when you take into account the different sizes and notes. The possibilities range into thousands of different bowl combinations and choices. When we bought our first seven chakra set, it was hard to choose which ones to get. Once you're done reading our crystal singing bowls sections, you'll know how to choose the right one for your needs.


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