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I consider myself a left brain person. Though I dwell in energy practice like taichi and shiatsu I still have that scientific voice in my head that keeps me in check and does not let me "fly" in to fantasy when it comes to so call "new age" therapies.

In saying that all I can say is that sound as a tool for shifting consciousness is amazing, I can't get enough of it.

I started with a Tibetan bell which I use when I am hiking, I stop, play the bell and follow the sound into silence. This simple technique brings me to the here and now and in most cases for a few seconds stops completely my thoughts, the feeling is amazing.

I was so happy of how well sound works with shifting levels, that I went and got me a seven set of crystal bowls and later on sets of forks (I like to experiment a lot).

One day with a few friends we started playing with the bowls in a free flow way, I was playing with the "C" bowl, and after a while I started chanting the 'eah" sound I don't know how long I was doing that but at one point my body started to vibrate and I started to sing a chant completely involuntarily, I felt like something else bypassed my regular self and in the mean time I was observing. I was not trying to chant it was doing by itself.

I cannot describe the feeling that this chant was producing in me, divine in nature I felt that, a higher me was finally in the driver's seat. It was so wonderful. A truly Mystical experience.
I truly believe and know that sound is a gate way to the intimate and the universe.

Love and peace

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