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Crown Chakra Cleansing Guide with this Guide to Imbalances, Color Therapy, Crystals, Essential Oils and Techniques.

Your crown chakra is an energy center a couple inches above the top of your head. This energy center, also called the seventh and Sahasrara chakra represents your connection to Spirit, the Universe, and your Higher Self.

An interesting aspect of the seventh chakra is that it doesn't necessitate any spiritual beliefs at all. An atheist can have a healthy crown energy center simply by having understanding and contentment about their place in the Universe.


crown eye chakra

Physical imbalances related to the crown energy center usually involve the pituitary gland, pineal gland or central nervous system. These often include headaches at the top of your head, or insomnia. If your crown is closed or blocked, it could result in nerve damage, insensitivity to physical stimuli or imbalances in your endocrine system, particularly the pineal or pituitary gland.

Energetically, an overly open crown center results being airy-fairy and unable to bring yourself down to earth. Many new-age folks get into this rut and then their physical health suffers from a lack of focus on nutrition or exercise. A closed crown results in being overly grounded in the physical world. You may also find yourself bitter or resentful about other people's belief systems.


crown chakra colors

The color of the crown chakra is purple or violet. To activate your seventh chakra using color, wear purple clothing or jewelery. You can also surround yourself with purple images, especially if they are spiritual or universal in nature. Examples of this would be images of spiritual art featuring purple lotus blossoms or outer space images of novas and other celestial bodies.


The musical note for the crown seventh chakra is B. Listen to music or play chimes tuned to B to engage sound healing. The bija mantra for your crown is "ALL". For the crown energy center, I chant all the bija mantras in a row, "LAM, VAM, RAM, YAM, HAM, OM, ALL" in one breath, inhale, and repeat as many times as I care to, usually a total of 7 times. The first five mantra sounds all rhyme with "mom".


crown chakra crystals The classic healing crystal for the crown center is Amethyst. Its lovely purple hue really lends itself to connecting with Universal forces and helping you to feel good about your place in the world. Angelite and apophylite are other good choices. Make a gem elixir by putting crystals in or near a glass of water overnight and drinking the next day. Carry crystals with you or wear crystal jewelery to further utilize healing crystals.


Aromatherapy for your seventh chakra includes frankincense and myrrh, lotus, and rose. Warming a little water with a few drops of these therapeutic essential oils can set up a great environment for meditation. You can also burn incense to aid you in developing your seventh chakra.


The best lifestyle habit for crown health is prayer or meditation. Prayer is simply expressing your inner thoughts about life and asking for guidance. Meditation reduces mental clutter and allows you to follow inspirations when they come. I believe that meditation is the best thing you can do for achieving both a meaningful life and a healthy and balanced crown chakra.


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